Cyberpunk 2077 Max Street Cred: What Is The Level Cap

by Vlad
December 12, 2020

If you want to know what is the maximum Cyberpunk 2077 Street Cred Level your character can reach, well, the answer is pretty simple: 50.

So once you reach the Cyberpunk 2077 Street Cred Level Cap, you won’t be able to progress your Night City credibility anymore.

Now, if you want to know what are the benefits of leveling up your character’s Street Cred, then below we’ll discuss this topic.

What is Street Cred In Cyberpunk 2077

Street Cred represents a leveling system that determines your character’s notoriety in Night City.

Or, simply put, how well people know and trust you.

It works in conjunction with your character’s level, but you should not confuse them. Why?

Because the Street Credibility affects how specific citizens in Night City interact with you (through bonuses and perks), while your character’s level affects V’s skills, abilities, and stats.

How To Check Your Cred Level

If you want to see your current level, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  • Open your game’s menu
  • Go to Character, and from the dropdown menu, select Stats
  • Your current Street Cred appears in the lower-left corner
  • You can also see it in the upper-left corner when you open the menu

In my image below, you can see that the current level is 14.

Cyberpunk 2077 Maximum Street Cred Level

How To Increase Street Credibility

The best and fastest way to increase your Street Credibility level in Cyberpunk 2077 is to complete events, gigs, and missions.

Or simply put clear every activity in a region.

The list below shows all activities that award Cred Points.

  • Main Jobs
  • NCPD Scanner Events
    -Assault in Progress
    -Organized Crime Activity
    -Reported Crime
  • Gigs
    -Side Job
    -Gun for Hire
    -Search and Recover
    -Agent Saboteur
    -SOS: Merc Needed
    -Cyberpsycho Sighting

All Street Cred Rewards

By completing the activities above, you’ll level up your Street Cred in the video game, but only at specific levels you can unlock new rewards.

As such, if you want to know what rewards you’ll be able to get, here they are:

  • 6: Weapon vendors will have new weapons to sell
  • 12: Clothing stores will have more items available for purchase
  • 14: Clothing stores will have more items available for purchase
  • 20: Ripperdocs will sell you new cyberware.
  • 27: Clothing stores will have more items available for purchase
  • 37: Vendors will offer new weapon mods and attachment
  • 45: Weapon vendors will have new weapons to sell
  • 50: Ripperdocs will sell you new cyberware

That’s everything you need to know about the Cyberpunk 2077 Street Cred and the maximum level you can possibly reach, so good luck leveling up.

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