Cyberpunk 2077 Monster Hunt: Where To Find Jotaro Shobo

by Vlad
July 6, 2023

In Cyberpunk 2077, Jotaro Shobo is a targeted objective for a CP77 Gig you can complete in Watson, Kabuki area.

This gig is named Monster Hunt, and your goal is to find and neutralize Jotaro Shobo.

Cyberpunk 2077 Monster Hunt requires you to complete The Rescue story mission first.

Once you do that, if you travel to the location on my map below, Regina calls you regarding this particular target.

How To Start the Monster Hunt Gig in CP2077

Look for this Gig close to the Allen St South fast travel point in the southeastern corner of Watson.

On my map below, you can see that it’s north of Welcome To America, Comrade Gig.

Where To Find The Starting Location of The Monster Hunt Gig

When you get close to this location (aka Ho-Oh Club), Regina will send you a small briefing on what you have to do.

Again, you’ll have to get inside the hostile area and find and neutralize Jotaro Shobo.

Where To Find Jotaro Shobo in Monster Hunt Gig

Jotaro Shobo is found on the last floor, or the third floor of Ho-Oh Club.

Depending on your playstyle and the way you developed your character, this mission can be tackled in two ways.

If you like direct approaches, you can start shooting each and every enemy while working your way up to the last floor.

If you prefer a stealthier approach, things are also pretty easy because the AI is, well, not very smart.

When you enter the club, you’ll see this guy guarding the path you need to follow.

Where To Find The Ho-Oh Club Guard Blocking The Way

Hacking the slot machines on the right side allows you to distract him, and you can simply walk around, then follow the stairs to the second floor.

Here things are even easier because you can basically follow the main corridor and avoid every single guard.

Once you reach the third floor, things get even easier because, again, although a great game, the AI in Cyberpunk 2077 is plain stupid.

Jotaro Shobo (pictured below) patrols between his office and apartment. Inside the office is a camera you can breach or turn off, then simply take him out.

He’s wearing a white suit and is impossible to miss.

If you want, you can also wait for him to get inside his bedroom and just take him out.

The Location Of Jotaro Shobo In His Room

When you finally get close to Jotaro, you have two options for dealing with him: kill him or perform a non-lethal takedown on him.

If you choose to kill him on the spot, leave the area following the same path you got here to end the CP2077 Monster Hunt gig.

But if you opt to perform a non-lethal takedown on Jotaro, you’ll need to take him out of Ho-Oh and bring him to a fixer’s vehicle parked across the street from the club.

The Trunk Where You can Dump Jotaro's Body To Finish The Monster Hunter Gig

The fixer will make sure Jotaro is dealt with properly at the Mox. Once you’ve successfully placed Jotaro’s body in the vehicle’s trunk, the gig will be concluded.

That’s everything you need to know about Jotaro Shobo and the Cyberpunk 2077 Monster Hunt, so good luck taking this guy out.

If you wish to complete more gigs or side jobs, please refer to our Wiki Hub Page here.

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  1. hello there is locked room, on the 3rd floor of the club. do you know of any way to get the authorization access for the locked room?

    1. Same..I took everyone in the building out silently and found no key card/authorization of any kind. Still looking as well. But May have to return once I reach a certain skill level bc i think you can hack or break down the door?

      1. I went guns a blazin and got an access card from the bartender. I think I went through every room in the building. Ended up getting well over 10k eddies

  2. Without spoiling anything, doing this side gig will unlock a new approach to one of the main quests later on 🙂

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