Cyberpunk 2077 Rite of Passage: Where To Find Server Room

July 11, 2023

Cyberpunk 2077 Rite of Passage is one of the Thievery Gigs available from the fixer Regina Jones in the Northside area of the Watson District.

The CP2077 Rite of Passage gig’s main objective is to infiltrate the Maelstrom Ripperdoc Clinic located on Daniel’s St., steal a surgery recording, and leave the area.

You have two options: either eliminate all the enemies within the building or opt for a stealth approach by utilizing quick hacks and takedowns.

But, in the following Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we will provide you with an easy-to-follow stealth approach to steal the surgery recording and complete the Rite of Passage gig.

How To Start the Rite of Passage Gig in CP2077

While driving around in the Northside area of Watson District, you may receive a message from Regina Jones regarding a potential theft job.

To start the Rite of Passage gig in Cyberpunk 2077, you must reach the Maelstrom ripperdoc clinic location, as shown in the image below.

You can start the Rite of Passage gig when you reach the Maelstrom ripperdoc clinic in Northside area of Watson District.

The Ebunike Docks is the closest fast-travel point to the Malestrom ripperdoc clinic.

Let’s see how we can reach the server room without being detected to steal the surgery recording.

Where To Find The Server Room in Rite of Passage Gig

Before we start with the Rite of Passage gig, it is worth mentioning that the clinic is loaded with surveillance cameras, some well hidden in room corners.

So, after you reach the Malestrom ripperdoc clinic (also known as the HeavenMed clinic), use the available quickhacks to turn off Camera 02: Operating Room, as shown in the image below, and Camera 03: Building Front above the glass door entrance.

Disable the two surveillance camers in front of the Maelstrom ripperdoc clinic

Now, go to the left of the entrance on a narrow alley, and open a small blocked window to enter a side room of the clinic.

Collect all the loot available, and leave the room to reach the reception lobby. Behind the reception desk in another room is Brandon Frost, a Maelstrom gang member.

After you scan and mark him, open the glass door behind the reception desk using the quickhacks.

Open the door using the Remote Deactivation quickhack in the reception lobby

Sneak behind the reception desk and turn off the surveillance camera above the glass door inside the room with the Maelstrom gang member.

Before proceeding further, make a quicksave in case something goes wrong in the following part.

Sneak behind the gang member and take him down. Use the boxes in the middle of the room to hide your presence. You will trigger the red eye icon above his head, but he won’t get alerted.

Now, open the nearby glass door and turn off the surveillance camera on the other end of the hallway.

Turn off the surveillance camera on the other end of the hallway.

Follow the waypoint toward the camera you’ve disabled previously and climb up the stairs, where you’ll see two doors: a metal door and a glass door.

If you have 7 points in the Body attribute, you can Force Open the glass door and reach the server room.

Be prepared to encounter a Maelstrom gang member and disable a surveillance camera to your left above a glass door.

It’s important to disable the surveillance camera before you sneak behind the gang member.

But in case you can’t Force Open the glass door, go through the other door and turn off the surveillance camera through the grilled window.

Disable surveillance camera on the through the grilled window near the glass door

Go through the nearby glass door, and enter through another glass door on the left of the surveillance camera while crouching.

In the next room, take down the Maelstrom gang member, Othmar Brasi, and collect all the available loot.

You’ll have to open a metal door to progress further, which requires 5 points in the Technical Ability attribute.

If you don’t have 5 points in Technical Ability, you can use the Open (Remote Deactivation) quickhack to unlock the door.

Open the door using the Remote Deactivation quickhack.

Repeat the same process for the next door to reach the server room. Make a quicksave here in case something goes wrong.

Scan and mark the Fanatic watching the monitors, and wait for her until she turns her back to you.

Before you go for the takedown, disable the surveillance camera above the glass door on the right.

Disable the surveillance camera above the glass door in the server room.

After you put her down, steal the surgery recording by interacting with the marked computer.

Finally, backtrack your steps to escape from the clinic and complete the Rite of Passage in Cyberpunk 2077.

You will receive 256 XP, 1557 Eurodollars, and 717 Street Cred points as a reward for finishing the Rite of Passage gig.

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