Cyberpunk 2077 Shark in the Water: Where To Find Blake

July 14, 2023

Cyberpunk 2077 Shark in the Water is one of the Gun for Hire Gigs available from Regina Jones, the fixer in the Watson District.

During the CP2077 Shark in the Water gig, you must find and take out a hustler named Blake Croyle, who seized one of the stores owned by Roger Wang.

To complete the gig, you have two choices: you can either brute force your way in and get rid of all the enemies inside the building or go for a sneaky approach by making use of quickhacks and takedowns.

As such, in the following Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to find Blake and take him down to complete the Shark in the Water gig as quietly as possible.

How To Start The Shark in the Water Gig in CP2077

In order to trigger the Shark in the Water gig, you must complete the Catch a Tyger’s Toe gig, where you must upload b@d’s malware to attack some Arasaka subnet.

Then, make your way to the store seized by Blake at Aoba on O’Malley Place St., southwest of the Charter St fast travel point, as shown in the image below.

Go to the Aoba on O'Malley Place St. to start the Shark in the Water gig.

As you get close to the Pharmaceuticals store, Regina Jones will call you and give you brief information about the gig.

Once you’re in front of the Pharmaceuticals drugstore, let’s see how to reach Blake Croyle silently and put him to sleep… forever.

Where To Find Blake in Shark in the Water Gig

In front of the store, you’ll see two guards, Raptor and Ben Azaria, having a short conversation near the door entrance.

Mark them with your scanner, wait for them to finish talking, and go separate ways: one tweaking a car inside the garage and the other roaming a side alley on the right side of the store.

Scan and mark the two guards in front of the Pharmaceuticals drugstore.

Sneak behind Raptor, who’s tweaking the car in the garage, then kill him and hide his body in the dumpster near the garage door.

Then, quietly open the double doors to the right of the vehicle in the garage, grab the guy crouching, take him outside, and kill him in front of the same dumpster to hide his body as well.

By now, the other guard, Ben Azaria, should be back in front of the door entrance watching the main alley.

Crouch behind his back, kill him, and leave his body in the street. No one will care.

Kill Ben Azaria in front of the Ben Azaria Pharmaceuticals store.

Go back inside the garage, and you’ll see two more gang members looking at the shelves. Grab the closer one and kill her outside of the garage.

Then, sneak behind the second one and kill him on the spot since there is one more person in the building, and that’s our target, Blake Croyle.

You’ll find Blake Croyle sitting at a desk in a small alcove with transparent curtains.

You'll find Blake Croyle sitting at a desk in a small alcove with transparent curtains in the corner of the building.

There are two ways you can neutralize Blake and finish the Shark in the Water gig: you can kill him on the spot or perform a non-lethal takedown and carry his body to the fixer’s transport.

You won’t get any extra reward if you bring him alive, so it’s up to you. After you finish the Shark in the Water gig in Cyberpunk 2077, make sure to collect all the loot around the building.

As a reward for helping Regina Jones, you’ll obtain 195 XP, 438 Street Cred points, and 1240 Eurodollars. Also, you will unlock two additional gigs from Regina Jones called Small Man, Big Evil, and Last Login.

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