Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out Angie Choices Guide

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October 1, 2023

No Easy Way Out is a side-job introduced by the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC, which features an important choice you have to make when you talk to Angie, one of the leaders of the Animals gang, regarding Aaaron, a boxer you’ll meet in Dogtown.

While relatively easy to follow at first, the Cyberpunk 2077 No Easy Way Out ends with a critical decision, which gives you the option to change Aaron’s future forever. Therefore, depending on how you answer Angie at the end of the side job, determine if Aaron survives or dies.

Even though your dialogue choice in No Easy Way Out won’t affect the main story in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, it will determine the rewards you’ll get at the end of the side job. As you are about to see, there are three possible options, and throughout the following CP 2077 guide, I’ll tell you the best choice depending on your needs.

Should You Take Angie’s Deal or Not

The choice in No Easy Way Out side job is offered to you by Angie after you and Aaron reach Damir’s clinic and ask him to remove Aaron’s implant. If you pay close attention to the mission’s plot, you’ll discover that Aaron has a chip in his ear that allows the Animals gang to tell him when he should throw a fight.

Now, after you ask Damir to remove the chip and the procedure ends, you’ll meet Angie, one of the Animals’ leaders.

Talk to Angie to progress the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out Side Job

Talk to Angie, and you’ll be given the following dialogue choices:

  • Yeah. We’re gonna have a problem.
  • Not necessarily.
  • How did you know Aaron was here?

At this point, I recommend playing safe and answering with Not necessarily. This will give you the option to hear what Angie has to say. Precisely that Aaron isn’t just a simple boxer. He is a fighter who worked for the Animals and used their eddies to reach the major leagues.

In the past, he was just a regular gang member who did some terrible things. While his history may not be important, it’s best to know who you are defending. According to Angie, the Animals have all the right to use him in fights to recover their money, which brought him to where he is today.

After Angie tells you who Aaron is, you’ll be given the next two dialogue choices:

  • Aaron owes you nothin’.
  • Fight of his life, s’posed to be.

Again, you’ll want to remain neutral and pick the second choice here, thus giving Angie a chance to propose a deal after he tells you that the Animals never used Aaron’s chip. So, let’s see the outcomes of the following dialogue options you get when talking to Angie.

What Happens if You Take Angie’s Deal

If you accept Angie’s deal in CP 2077 No Easy Way Out, you’ll be asked to leave the scavs’ hideout and let Angie take care of Aaron.

Specifically, Aaron will keep fighting for Animals, and you’ll get a cut after his next fight. Several days later, you’ll get a call from Angie, and she’ll ask you to meet her at the boxing ring. When you talk to her, you’ll get 22.000 Credits (your cut), and the side mission ends.

If you accept Angie's deal you'll receive 22.000 Credits.

This choice, however, is not the best one, simply because Credits are easily earned in Cyberpunk 2077. Not to mention that Aaron will keep fighting for the Animals. Coach Fred will also be disappointed that you didn’t manage to save Aaron.

What Happens if You Refuse Angie

By refusing Angie in No Easy Way Out, you’ll automatically start a fight against her and the Animals. While not morally the best choice, it has the best rewards because after you deal with Angie and her goons, you’ll get your hands on the Iconic Cheetah Power Pistol.

Unlike the previous reward, it is a unique power pistol you’ll only get once. However, while this is the choice I recommend, it comes with a significant cost: Aaron’s life. By killing Angie, after you talk to Aaron and leave the hideout, you’ll have to wait until Aaron calls you.

The boxer will ask you to meet him at the Dream Gig bar southwest of Luxor Hihh Wellness Spa. When you get there, talk to the server, and he’ll send you to check the alley behind the bar. Here, you’ll find Aaron killed by the Animals.

If you refuse Angie, Aaron dies.

Again, while this may not be the “happiest ending,” it has the best reward, so this is the one you should pick. If it comforts you, remember that Aaron is not as innocent as it looks.

What Happens if You Threaten Angie

The third option is to threaten Angie; however, it’s with knowing that it’s only available if you defeat Sasquatch during the I Walk the Line main mission. By defeating Sasquatch in Pacifica, you inspire fear and force Angie to back off when you threaten her.

Eventually, Angie will leave alongside her goons. This choice opens three additional dialogue options when you talk to Aaron about his next fight:

  • Yeah, throw the fuckin’ fight. Safer that way.
  • Fuck the Animals. Don’t throw it.
  • Angie told me everything.
If you threaten Angie you'll get to save Aaron.

Regardless of what you pick here, you’ll be rewarded 5,000 Credits, but Aaron remains alive. Morally speaking, this is the best choice, but you’ll give up all other rewards.

Furthermore, if you tell Aaron to throw the fight or that you know everything about him, after several days, he’ll let you know that the Animals still control him and he is training kids to become boxers. So basically, by choosing this option, you won’t achieve anything.

On the other hand, if you tell him not to throw the fight, he’ll message you that he lost and left for Costa Rica, where he is fighting on the streets.

As you can see, the Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out side mission choices have multiple implications, but if you want to get the best reward, you’ll have to sacrifice Aaron. Alternatively, if you are a pacifist who wishes to save the formal Animal gang member, you must sacrifice an iconic legendary weapon.

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