Cyberpunk 2077 Hippocratic Oath: Where To Find Lucy Thackery

July 7, 2023

Cyberpunk 2077 Hippocratic Oath is one of the SOS: Merc Needed Gigs in the Northside area of the Watson District available from the fixer, Regina Jones.

During the CP2077 Hippocratic Oath gig, you must find Lucy Thackery, a ripperdoc who’s being held against her will by the Maelstrom gang, and rescue her.

There are no special requirements for the Hippocratic Oath, as you only need Street Cred Tier 1 to initiate the gig.

As such, in the following CP2077 guide, we will explain how to reach the Lucy Thackery location and complete the Hippocratic Oath gig as smoothly as possible.

How To Start the Hippocratic Oath Gig in CP2077

In order to start the Hippocratic Oath gig, you must go to the Clean Cut building on the Longshore North St. in the Northside area of the Watson District.

We’ve also marked the starting location on the map below. Also, the closest fast-travel points are Kennedy North and Sutter St.

Starting Location of the Hippocratic Oath Gig in Cyberpunk 2077

When you get in front of the Clean Cut building, you’ll get a call from Regina Jones, who’ll tell you more about Lucy and how she’s being forced to work for the Maelstrom.

Where To Find Lucy Thackery in Hippocratic Oath Gig

Once in front of the Clean Cut building, there are two ways to tackle the gig and rescue Lucy Thackery.

The most common and straightforward method is to brute-force your way in and find her in one of the rooms inside the building, then escort her out to the fixer’s vehicle.

If you want a more sophisticated approach, opting for stealth might be the way to go. This will help you enhance your sneaking skills, earn valuable experience in Ninjutsu, as well as increase your Street Cred Tier.

So, to begin searching for Lucy, climb the metal scaffolding on the right side of the entrance and the metal pipes, then open the ventilation grill and go inside.

Clean Cut building in the Hippocratic Oath Gig

Immediately after you get inside, scan the surveillance camera on the other side and use the Turn Off (Remote Deactivation) to deactivate it.

Scan the two gang members below to track their movements easily, then wait for the nearest one to exit the building.

Then, drop down and sneak behind the Fanatic, watching through the window outside. Kill him and hide his body in the nearby refrigerator.

Fanatic Maelstorm Gang Member Watching Through The Windows

After you kill him, quickly crouch your way outside through the main entrance and take the other gang member playing on the tablet in front of an open trunk.

You can leave his body there, and it won’t alarm anyone.

Return to the previous room where you killed the Fanatic, access the nearby laptop, and turn off the local network to disable all three surveillance cameras.

Next, hack the refrigerator in the next room to distract the gang member, go through the sliding glass door and kill him.

Fanatic Maelstorm Gang Member Distracted By The Hacked Refrigerator

You can take him down in front of the hacked refrigerator to hide his body.

One more gang member is roaming around on the other side of the room. You can quickly dispatch him by sneaking behind his back.

Finally, open the marked metal door to find Lucy trying to save one of the gang’s badly-injured members, Hans Otto.

Although she is being held against her will, she is fully committed to saving him and is asking for your aid.

Now you have two options for approaching this part of the mission, depending on your mood. Both options will lead to the same result, anyways.

If you are willing to help her, simply follow her instructions. You’ll have to scan the patient, pick up the synthetic blood from the nearby table, and inject it into the Maelstrom member.

Maelstorm Gang Member Injured Trying To Be Saved By Lucy

After this, you will have a brief conversation with Lucy before she’s ready to depart with you.

The other option is to put a bullet in her patient’s head, which will make Lucy quite mad at you for disrespecting her choice to save the gang member’s life.

Either way, she’ll follow you outside of the building. Escort Lucy to the fixer’s car marked by the quest marker to end the Hippocratic Oath gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

As a reward for helping Regina Jones recover her ripperdoc, you’ll receive 234 XP, 525 Street Cred points, and 1390 Eurodollars.

However, Night City has plenty more gigs and side jobs available. Feel free to check our Wiki Hub Page to learn how to complete all of them.

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