Baldur’s Gate 3 Dank Crypt Sarcophagus Trap Puzzle Solution

August 7, 2023

While exploring the Dank Crypt in Baldur’s Gate 3, you might come across a large room with a Sarcophagus in the middle containing a horrible trap that will wipe your party in a second.

The Sarcophagus trap works by spewing grease from six vents on the floor and then launching firey bolts from the gargoyle heads on the walls.

When the fire comes into contact with the grease, a massive explosion occurs, ultimately obliterating your party.

So, to avoid that from happening, we’ve put together a quick BG3 guide to show you how easily you can stop the Sarcophagus trap from triggering.

Where To Find the Sarcophagus Trap in Baldur’s Gate III

The room with the Sarcophagus Trap is located in the Dank Crypt, an early dungeon with many entrances.

The quickest way to reach the room with the Sarcophagus trap is to open the Ancient Door near the Overgrown Ruins Waypoint in the northern part of the Ravaged Beach.

You can also enter the Dank Crypt by going through the Chapel Entrance above the Overgrown Ruins and opening the door with no lock or handle in the Refectory area.

baldurs gate 3 dank crypt sarcophagus trap puzzle location - GameClubz

As the image above shows, we’ve reached the Sarcophagus room through the Ancient Door. How you get here, it’s less important. Let’s see how to disable the trap.

How To Disable the Dank Crypt Sarcophagus Trap in BG3

If your characters successfully pass perception checks, they will notice the grease vents traps marked in orange throughout the room.

Furthermore, they may notice a yellow Button on the eastern pillar, which will require an additional perception check.

Now, to disarm the trap, position one of your characters between the Sarcophagus and the yellow button on the eastern pillar.

baldurs gate 3 dank crypt sarcophagus trap puzzle solution - GameClubz

Then, enter the Turn-Based Mode by pressing (Shift+Space) or clicking the hourglass in the bottom right corner with your cursor.

While in the Turn-Based Mode, open the Sarcophagus to trigger the trap, then disarm it by pressing the yellow button marked in the image above.

It is mandatory to trigger the trap before pressing the yellow button to disarm it.

After successfully disarming the BG3 Sarcophagus trap, you can safely grab The Watcher’s Guide (Spear) and the Engraved Key, which you can use to open the Heavy Oak Doors leading to the Withers’ Tomb.

Also, don’t forget to grab all the loot from the smaller sarcophaguses around the room. You’ll find valuable items such as a Soul Coin, weapons, armor, and a few remains.

If you need additional help with other puzzles, dialogue choices, or quests, feel free to visit our Baldur’s Gate 3 Wiki Hub Page.

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