Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save the Goblin Sazza

August 16, 2023

Baldur’s Gate 3 Save the Goblin Sazza is one of the rescue quests during the Act 1 of the game, where you must decide if you save Sazza, a caged Goblin, or let her die.

Once you successfully save the Emerald Grove from goblin invaders, the Tieflings residing in the area will capture one of the attackers, Sazza.

In a more private conversation with Sazza, she offers a proposition – release her from captivity, and she will guide you to her tribe’s powerful Priestess Gut.

As goblins have a reputation for not keeping their promises, it raises the question of whether helping Sazza escape from her cage is a wise decision.

Let’s see our options in the following Baldur’s Gate 3 guide.

How To Start the Baldur’s Gate 3 Save the Goblin Sazza Quest

To start the Save the Goblin Sazza quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, make your way through the wooden door located on the north side of The Hollow area.

You will see two Tieflings harassing the Goblin Sazza as you get close, and the female Tiefling will threaten to shoot Sazza with her crossbow.

You can either stand between Sazza and the Tiefling to prevent Sazza from being killed or let the Tiefling do it.

Two Tieflings harassing the Goblin Sazza in her ger.

If you prevent the Tiefling from killing Sazza by passing a Persuasion or Intimidation check, both Tieflings will leave the Makeshift Prison, allowing you to talk with Sazza alone.

How to Save the Goblin Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the dialogue with Sazza, she reveals that a goblin priestess leads her tribe with incredible magical abilities.

This information will be essential in advancing the Find a Cure quest. If you ask further about the priestess, Sazza will ask that you free her from the cage before giving away any more information.

Although you have the option to refuse her request and find the priestess yourself, Sazza insists on accompanying you to the tribe, which will safeguard you from any goblin assaults and lead you straight to the priestess.

While the quest description warns of the risks involved in striking a deal with goblins, there may be an opportunity to acquire a cure for the Mindflayer parasite from the priestess if Sazza’s information proves reliable.

If you decide to free Sazza from her prison cell, you’ll need to use Thieves’ Tools to pick the lock of the door cage.

Goblin Sazza in her cage in the Makeshift Prison of the Hollow area.

I’ve picked Astarion for this task since he has the highest Sleight of Hand stat in my party.

Once Sazza is released, you will need to ensure her safe exit from the camp.

Going through the camp with an escaped prisoner is not a wise option. Therefore, you will have to find an alternative route.

If you want to get Goblin Sazza out of the camp, use the jump ability to reach a ledge behind the cage.

Once there, you’ll find a secret stone door leading into the Underground Passage.

Jump on the ledge behind the cage to reach the Underground Passage secret stone door.

Be prepared to fight and kill goblins before exiting on the other side.

Fortunately, I had already cleared Underground Passage before rescuing Sazza, so I was able to walk through the cavern without any more resistance.

After exiting the Underground Passage on the other side, Sazza will guide you to the Goblin Camp, which can be located on your map with a quest indicator.

The quickest way to reach the camp is by traveling east from the cave entrance, crossing the bridge, and passing through the Blighted Village.

Once you arrive at the Goblin Camp, Shazza will be waiting for you at the gates, and you can enter without fear of being attacked by the goblin guards.

By freeing Goblin Sazza from her cell in The Hollow area, you can explore the Goblin Camp without fear of being attacked.

Moreover, if you follow her through the camp, she will lead you to Minthara, allowing you to join the goblins rather than the druids.

Conversation with Minthara after saving Goblin Sazza.

This decision will grant you access to add Minthara to your party and potentially even develop a romantic relationship with her.

But to reach the Goblin Camp, freeing Goblin Sazza is unnecessary. You have two options: either pass a DC check to enter the camp without a fight or prepare for a more challenging battle if you choose to fight your way through.

The decision to free Sazza lies solely in your hands. Opting to side with the goblins over the druids is a viable choice.

However, if you choose not to release Sazza and still wish to meet the Priestess Gut or Minthara, you can still enter the Goblin Camp if you pass a DC check at the entrance.

That’s everything you need to know about how to save the Goblin Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3. Feel free to check our Wiki Hub Page for more content regarding quests, puzzles, and outcomes.

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