Baldur’s Gate 3 Enclave Library Wolf Statue Puzzle Solution

August 8, 2023

As you progress through the Baldur’s Gate 3 main story trying to find a cure against the tadpole parasite overtaking your body, you’ll eventually reach a cave for druids in the Emerald Grove known as Druids’ Chambers.

After you speak with Nettie, a healer in the druid hierarchy, she will open and take you to Enclave Library, where you’ll notice a giant Wolf Statue in the middle of the room surrounded by four pedestals.

Each pedestal contains a type of rune, except one of them, which has an empty socket. As you look around Emerald Grove, you’ll notice no additional runes lying around.

Hence, the following Baldur’s Gate 3 guide will show you where to find the missing rune to solve the Wolf Statue puzzle inside the Enclave Library.

Where To Find the Enclave Library Wolf Statue in Baldur’s Gate III

After winning the battle at the gates against the goblins, you’ll reach The Hallow area. The place is filled with merchants and “outsiders.”

Following the path east through The Hallow will take you to the Sacred Pool, where druids perform a ritual over the Idol of Silvanus.

Go through the stone door in the northwestern part of the Sacred Pool to reach the Druids’ Chambers.

The stone door leading to the Encraved Library is northwest of the Sacred Pool.

If you haven’t already, look for Nattie and speak with her about your condition.

During the conversation, she will open the stone slab door to the Enclave Library, and she will share a story about a Drow who was also infected by a tadpole.

You will find the BG3 Wolf Statue puzzle here, as shown in the image below.

The location of the wolf statue is inside the Enclave Library of the Emerald Grove.

In case the conversation goes south and she turns hostile, check out our guide to learn how to open the stone slab door to exit the Enclave Library.

Now, let’s see where to find the missing rune and how to solve the Wolf Statue puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Solve the Enclave Library Wolf Statue Puzzle in BG3

As mentioned earlier, one of the four pedestals is missing a rune called Rune of the Wolf.

In order to activate the statue of the wolf, you will need to find the missing rune and place it into the empty socket on the pedestal.

The missing Rune of the Wolf can be found in the possession of Rath, a NPC located in the first chamber of the Emerald Grove after you go through the stone door, as shown in the picture below.

Rath is located in the main area of the Emerald Grove sitting on a chair with his wolf, Silver.

In Baldur’s Gate 3 or BG3, there are three methods to solve the Enclave Library puzzle and obtain the Rune of the Wolf.

The first option and most honorable is to defeat the goblins, save Halsin from the Goblin Camp, and finish the Emerald Grove storyline as a hero.

Afterward, speaking to Halsin will lead to discovering that Rath holds your reward. When you talk with Rath, he will hand you the Rune of the Wolf.

The second method is to murder and loot Rath’s corpse, which is the complete opposite of the first approach.

However, this will entirely derail the Grove questline, and you’ll only be able to complete it in an evil manner. Moreover, if you’ve been supporting the Goblins, Rath might even attack you himself.

But there’s a third way to solve the BG3 Enclave Library puzzle and find the Rune of the Wolf in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can take it from Rath by pickpocketing him.

To do this, select the character with the best stealth abilities and Sleight of Hand score to approach Rath and steal from him. During my playthrough, Asterion was the most fitting option.

Then, send away the rest of the party and create a quick save in case you fail to steal the rune and Rath becomes hostile. By doing so, you can avoid any conflicts with the druids and maintain a positive relationship.

Press C to crouch/hide, left-click on Rath, select Pickpocket, then select the Rune of the Wolf from his inventory and click Steal.

Use the pickpocket option to steal the Rune of the Wolf from Rath.

If you’re successful, quickly open the map and use one of the waypoints already discovered to leave the scene without a trace.

Return to the Enclave Library Wolf Statue in the Emerald Grove and place it into the empty socket of the pedestal, then click combine.

Combine the Empty Socket of the Pedestal with the Rune of the Wolf to activate the Wolf Statue.

The pedestal containing the Rune of the Wolf is now prepared. Simply click on it to activate it.

Repeat the previous step with the remaining three pedestals that contain the Rune of the Eagle, Rune of the Bear, and Rune of the Elk.

If all four runes are activated, the Wolf Statue will lower and reveal the spiral stairs to Hidden Vault.

That’s it! Grab all the loot inside the Hidden Vault, such as:

  • A rare blue two-handed weapon – Sorrow. It grants a unique weapon action, Sorrowful Lash, which deals damage and pulls enemies closer.
  • An uncommon armor – Robe of Summer. It grants resistance to Cold damage.
  • Several potions, poisons, and scrolls.

Congratulations on solving Enclave Library Wolf Statue Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3. We have plenty more helpful guides and information on our Wiki Hub Page here.

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