Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Rescue Volo

August 15, 2023

Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescue Volo is one of the quests available during Act 1 of the game, in which you’ll have to rescue a bard from his prison cell.

You will first encounter Volo in the Emerald Grove. He will tell you the captivating story about the Goblin attack you bravely fought off on your way there.

However, this story is mostly made up. Volo’s true intention is to use this fabricated story to gain access to the Goblins’ knowledge about True Souls and the Absolute.

Despite your warnings, Volo stubbornly persists with his plan. As expected, his actions lead to consequences.

At this point, you must decide whether you rescue Volo or leave him to suffer in the goblin’s cells.

How To Start the Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescue Volo Quest

To begin the BG3 Rescue Volo quest, enter the Goblin Camp and find the bard, Volo, performing in the middle of the crowd.

The Goblin Camp is located in the western part of the Wilderness map, immediately after you pass through the Blighted Village.

Speak with him to initiate the Rescue Volo quest by selecting any option except Leave.

To begin the Rescue Volo quest, enter the Goblin Camp and speak with the bard, Volo, performing in the middle of the crowd.

How To Rescue Volo in Baldur’s Gate III

After the goblins take Volo to his cell, head to the northern part of the Goblin Camp and enter the Shattered Sanctum through the Heavy Oak Doors.

You’ll need to speak with the goblins guarding the entrance and choose one of the three leaders to gain entry.

Whatever answer you choose won’t make a significant difference as it only reveals their location, which ultimately won’t matter much as we plan to eliminate them all.

Moving on, there’s an altar room ahead filled with multiple goblins, with Priestess Gut leading the pack from the top.

Although she’s one of the leaders, she’s also the weakest. Our focus, however, should be on finding Volo.

To find Volo, head up the stairs on the eastern side of the altar room. Once there, you’ll see three rooms on the same side.

However, only one of them contains Volo, who is locked up in a cage. To reach the correct room, head north until you reach the third room. There, you’ll finally find Volo in his cage.

Volo can be found in a cage in the Shattered Sanctum, an underground part of the Goblin Camp.

While rescuing Volo, you may encounter a goblin who will warn you to stay away from her pigeon.

If you want her to leave, try passing one of three checks: Wisdom, Deception, or Intimidation.

To rescue Volo, try to pass Wisdom, Deception, or Intimidation check against the goblin.

Once you’ve successfully dealt with the goblin, speak with Volo and free him from his cage.

Before you leave, tell him to wait at your campsite.

After the Volo leaves, make your way back to camp, where he will be waiting.

Return to your camp to find Volo waiting.

Speak with him about mind flayers while also disclosing the presence of the tadpole in your brain.

Volo can perform an examination by having you lie down on a bed to inspect it. He will need some time to gather more information, but he will be able to provide help.

Upon completing the Rescue Volo quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will be awarded the Blazer of Benevolence as a token of gratitude.

When you return to camp after a while, be sure to speak with Volo again. If he has learned anything new, he may help you remove the tadpole.

However, be aware that his solution is not as straightforward as he believes. Without giving away too much, it is possible to undergo a procedure that will result in losing an eye.

In exchange, Volo will provide you with an artificial eye with the unique ability to see invisibility.

Your eyes will no longer match, but you will be able to see hidden threats. Keep in mind that Volo will also flee the camp.

It is ultimately up to you whether or not to proceed with this risky option. Personally, I chose not to, and Volo has remained at the camp.

Also, feel free to visit our Baldur’s Gate 3 Wiki Hub Page for more comprehensive guides.


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