Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to Find Explosives

August 17, 2023

Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Explosives is one of the sub-quests as part of the Free True Soul Nere quest, where you must search for some smokepowder to blow up the rubble blocking a tunnel.

During the Free True Soul Nere quest, you’ll learn that the True Soul Nere is trapped in a mine collapse, and you’ll require Smokepowder Satchels to free him.

When you stumble upon the Cave-In in the Grymforge, your character might consider using explosive powder to rescue Nere. However, it’s unlikely that you have the required two Smokepowder Satchels.

So, our Baldur’s Gate 3 guide will provide the location of two Smokepowder Satchels nearby to complete the Find Explosives quest.

How to Start the Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Explosives Quest

During my playthrough, I found out that the BG3 Find Explosives quest can be started in two different ways:

  • By speaking with two gnomes, Lunkbug and Laridda, mining in the central area of the Grymforge near Sergeant Thrinn. (X:-630,Y:310)
  • By speaking with Elder Brithvar and Stone Guard Kur on the balcony to the north of the blocked tunnel. (X:-627,Y:353)
Speak with Elder Brithvar and Stone Guard Kur on the balcony to the north of the blocked tunnel to start the Find Explosives quest.

They will provide the information we need about the smokepowder to clear the rubble blocking the cave where the True Soul Nere is.

Now, let’s see where to find the explosive powder in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Grymforge.

Where to Find Explosives in Baldur’s Gate 3 Grymforge

To find explosives in Baldur’s Gate III, head east down the stairs from the Underdark – Grymforge Waypoint.

Go to the left side of the stairs going up, and head through the small Metal Door. Before going further, press F5 to quicksave the game if everyone in your party fails the upcoming automatic Perception checks.

As you move towards the rear of the narrow room behind the door, your companions will start making automatic Perception checks, which rely on their Wisdom.

Your companions will start noticing two different objects: a Collapsed Archway and a Button.

Both of these objects have the same purpose – to provide access to the hidden room in the southern part of the area marked with a black square on the minimap.

If you possess the ability to shapeshift, you can transform into a small creature and make your way through the opening.

For everyone else, simply press the button and enter through the doorway that opens up.

Press the Button to open a door to a hidden room containg two Smokepowder Satchels.

Enter the hidden chamber to find a Heavy Chest and two Smokepowder Satchels on a crate in the southeast corner of the room. Pick both satchels before returning to the collapsed tunnel.

However, there is another way to put your hands, but you’ll have to find Philomeen and convince her to give you a Runepowder Vial to clear the rubble blocking the cave.

How to Use the Baldur’s Gate 3 Smokepowder Satchels

To clear the collapsed tunnel, simply throw the Smokepowder Satchels like any other item in your inventory.

Aim for the Cave-In in the Grymforge’s southwest corner, and ignite the Smokepowder Satchel with a Fire Bolt or an Arrow of Fire.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to give the workers plenty of time to evacuate the area before lighting the fuse, or you risk turning them hostile.

Ignite the Smokepowder Satchel with a Fire Bolt, or an Arrow of Fire to blow up the Cave-In.

It’s worth mentioning that True Soul Nere can be difficult to deal with, and you may find yourself fighting against him and the other Duergar in the area.

However, the main objective is obtaining the Broken Moonlantern, an important item required to access the Moonrise Towers, which you can be obtained from True Soul Nere or his remains.

Congratulations on completing the BG3 Find Explosives quest. Also, consider visiting our Baldur’s Gate 3 Wiki Hub Page if you stumbled across a quest or puzzle you can’t get over it.

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