Baldur’s Gate 3 Inquisitor’s Chamber Statue Puzzle Solution

August 24, 2023

While exploring the Creche Y’llek during Lae’zel questline, The Githyanki Warrior, you’ll reach the Inquisitor’s Chamber.

In the Inquisitor’s Chamber, you will come across two statues holding a sun on the west side of the room.

Each statue is accompanied by a plaque containing a riddle that provides hints for solving the puzzle.

So, follow this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide to learn where to find the Inquisitor’s Chamber statue puzzle and how to solve it quickly.

Where To Find the BG3 Inquisitor’s Chamber Statue Puzzle

To reach the statue puzzle in the Inquisitor’s Chambers, you must find the Githyanki Creche near the Mountain Pass.

The Creche Y’llek is located in the Rosymorn Monastery basement. To enter the basement, head north down the stairs of the locked doors of the Rosymorn Monastery.

In order to reach the Inquisitor’s Chambers inside the Creche Y’llek, you can either give the artifact to Kith’rak Therezzyn or pickpocket the Gith Shard for the Githyanki Barrier Disruptor in the Captain’s Quarters.

Place the Gith Shard in the Githyanki Barrier Disruptor in the Captain's Quarters to lift the barrier.

When you first enter the Inquisitor’s Chamber, you’ll trigger a cutscene with the Inquisitor Ch’r’ai W’wargaz, likely resulting in a combat battle.

If you want to locate the statue puzzle instead, ignore the Inquisitor for the moment, go around to the left, and head into the west room with the two statues inside.

Now, let’s see how to solve the Inquisitor’s Chamber statue puzzle in Baldur’s Gate III.

How To Solve the Inquisitor’s Chamber Statue Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3

As you inspect the plaques on the statue, you’ll learn that one statue is inscribed with “Lathander bids the setting sun a fond farewell,” while the other reads, “Lathander blesses the bountiful, rising sun.”

What you must do is to turn the statues in the direction of the rising and setting sun, although one of the statues is stuck.

Attack the left statue with a hit of at least ten damage to release it. Turn the left statue towards the west to symbolize the sunset. Turn the right statue towards the east to symbolize the sunrise.

Turn the left statue towards the west , and turn the right statue towards the east to solve the Inquisitor's Chamber Statue Puzzle.

This reveals a doorway ahead, leading to the Secret Chamber area with the Blood of Lathander Mace as part of the Find the Blood of Lathander quest.

However, there are still obstacles to overcome until you can put your hands on it.

And that’s how you solve the statue puzzle in the Inquisitor’s Chamber of the role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios.

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