Baldur’s Gate 3 Necrotic Laboratory Brain Puzzle Solution

September 1, 2023

After fighting the Ketheric Throm on the Moonrise Towers Rooftop, you’ll end up following him into the Mind Flayer Colony underneath the towers.

While exploring the colony and making your way through a horde of zombies, you will encounter a console and a unique brain puzzle that requires selecting the correct path.

This colony is the source of the tadpoles and holds much of the region’s power as the Absolutes strive for control.

So, if you are struggling with the Baldur’s Gate 3 brain puzzle, this guide provides the solution and explains why it’s important to solve it.

Where To Find the BG3 Necrotic Laboratory Brain Puzzle

The BG3 brain puzzle is located in the Mind Flayer Colony map in the Necrotic Laboratory area at the following coordinates (X: 742, Y:-120). 

The BG3 brain puzzle is located in the Mind Flayer Colony map in the Necrotic Laboratory area at the following coordinates (X: 742, Y:-120). 

You may want to take a short or long rest outside before entering the lab, as things get intense once you open the doors.

As you enter, you are confronted with a daunting sight – a swarm of zombies, winged horrors, and the dreaded Death Shepherd, a formidable foe.

The sheer number of enemies is overwhelming, and the Death Shepherd’s ability to revive the fallen enemies makes the task even more challenging. You must defeat them all to reach the brain puzzle.

How To Solve the BG3 Brain Puzzle in the Necrotic Laboratory

Once you have successfully survived the fight, make your way to the back.

On the left-hand side (southeast), there is a console that you can interact with, which will activate the BG3 brain puzzle in the Necrotic Laboratory.

The narrator’s voice will instruct you to connect the four different parts of the brain – Emotion, Reason, Speech, and Memory – to their respective receptors in order to solve the puzzle.

It appears that there may not be a single solution to this puzzle, but there are likely several ways to approach it.

You have more nodes available than necessary, as you are linking from one side to the other.

One helpful tip is paying attention to nodes with only one input. My approach was identifying and creating paths for those nodes first, then working with the other nodes accordingly.

Here is my completed brain puzzle, in case you’re stuck trying to solve it.

The solution to the Necrotic Laboratory brain puzzle is displayed in the image.

After connecting all the brain pieces, a door at the back will open up.

You will receive the first part of your reward, which includes a sword, a wall carving that provides information about the story, and a brain in a container called Waking Mind.

Remember to take the Waking Mind with you and not leave it behind. We will need it in just a bit.

Head to the southwest corner of the laboratory, where you will find a machine called Mind-Archive Interface and a Slack-Skinned Head on a pedestal.

Interact with the Mind-Archive Interface, insert the Waking Mind into the machine, and then speak with the Slack-Skinned Head.

Interact with the Mind-Archive Interface and insert the Waking Mind into the machine, then speak with the Slack-Skinned Head.

The Waking Mind contains the consciousness of a Githzerai, and it’s worth asking how she ended up in this situation. She has an interesting story to tell.

Eventually, she will request that you use your tadpole powers to purge her mind and end her suffering.

Slack-Skinned Head will request that you use your tadpole powers to purge her brain and end her suffering. You should do it.

Even though Lae’zel may disapprove, it would be wise to go ahead and purge her mind. Not only is it a kind gesture, but you will also receive a buff called Githzerai Mind Barrier, which gives you an advantage on Intelligence Saving Throws.

On the other hand, if you consume the Slack-Skinned Head’s mind, you won’t receive anything from it, so make sure to purge her mind instead.

That’s everything you need to know about how to solve the Necrotic Laboratory Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate III.

Before you go straight for Ketheric Throm, don’t forget to release Zevlor from his pod in the Tadpoling Centre. Also, check our BG3 Wiki Hub Page for more information about the quests and puzzles available in the game.

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