Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Rescue the Trapped Man

August 16, 2023

Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescue the Trapped Man is a side quest available in Waukeen’s Rest area, where you must save Benryn from a burning building and reunite him with his wife, Miri.

Unfortunately, the BG3 Rescue the Trapped Man quest doesn’t have quite a happy ending.

Also, ending the quest can be quite confusing as you’ll have to find the dowry for him and his wife, with no waypoint on the map to mark the location.

As such, in the following Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to complete the Rescue the Trapped Man quest.

How to Start the Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescue the Trapped Man Quest

To begin the Rescue the Trapped Man quest, travel north from the Blighted Village and cross the bridge.

Continue northwest to Waukeen’s Rest and proceed straight until you reach a burning house.

Enter the burning house through the western entrance and climb the stairs to the first second.

You’ll see the trapped man, Benryn, shouting for help after a couple of wooden beams fell on him.

You'll find the trapped man, Benryn, stuck under a couple of wooden beams in the burning building.

How to Rescue the Trapped Man in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get to Benryn, you’ll have to destroy the Broken Door leading to him.

To break the door, take a few steps back and use ranged attacks or spells because it will explode. I’ve learned the hard way.

Once destroyed, proceed inside and interact with the beams atop Benryn.

Select one of the two dialogue options to lift the beam and rescue the trapped man.

You have two options to lift the beam and rescue Benryn:

  • [STRENGTH] Brace yourself to lift the wreckage.
  • [INVESTIGATION] Find leverage to shift the beam.

Before selecting one of the above options, it is recommended to quicksave the game by pressing F5 in case you fail the Strength or Investigation check.

Once you rescue Benryn from the wooden beams, speak with him.

Depending on the route taken during his escape from the fire, he may either be searching for his wife, Mirileth, or grieving her loss.

If you first encountered him after following the Fist into the burning building and led him out the front entrance, he will be searching for Mirileth and may ask for help in locating her.

It is worth noting that her body can be found on the way you came, on the second floor of the western building.

You'll find Benryn grieving Mirileth loss near her corpse in the western building.

After going through the conversation with Benryn and learning more about the dowry intended for his sister’s wedding, your next objective is to search for it.

Head outside, take the path left of the burning inn, and jump over the flames blocking the way.

Go into the stable closest to the Dead Halfling corpse and search the haystack in the corner for an automatic Perception check.

If successful, you’ll discover a hidden Gilded Chest holding the Dowry Ring.

You can find the hidden Gilded Chest with the Dowry Ring after you interact with the Haystack in the barn.

Return to Benryn with the Dowry Ring, where you left him near his wife’s corpse. Select any of the two dialogue options to complete the Rescue the Trapped Man quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Unfortunately, there’s no reward for completing this quest. If you choose to keep the ring, you can sell it for 20 Gold.

However, plenty more quests are available in the game for you to complete with better rewards. We recommend checking out our Wiki Hub Page if you need help locating and finishing these quests.

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