Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Treasure Map: All 20 Tank Balloons Locations Guide

by Vlad
July 21, 2022

Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Tank Balloons, unlike the XP Bonus Boards we covered in this guide, are a bit trickier to get, mainly because their locations don’t appear on your map as soon as you enter the Horizon Hot Wheels Park in the latest DLC released by Playground Games.

The FH5 Hot Wheels Tank Balloons are nevertheless important because they count as collectibles, and by finding all 20 of them, you’ll complete a series of Major and Minor missions.

So basically, if you aim to get 100% completion for all Ranks, finding the 20 Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Balloons is mandatory.

To help you with this task, throughout the following guide, we’ll reveal the locations of all FH5 Hot Wheels Balloons you’ll need to pop. The guide includes a series of maps and hints on what you must do to smash all of them.

All 20 Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC Tank Balloons Locations – Where To Find

As said, the FH5 Hot Wheels DLC Tank Balloons do not appear on your map when you start playing the latest DLC because they are unlocked progressively.

This means that if you want to see the locations of all Balloons in Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC, you’ll need to reach the Legend Rank.

As you probably know, this can be done by completing events in the Horizon Hot Wheels Park; however, it is worth knowing that with each rank you unlock, several Tank Balloons appear on your map.

When this happens, you can smash them right away, or you can opt to approach all 20 upon reaching the Legend Rank.

When it comes to smashing the Tank Balloons in FH5 Hot Wheels DLC, you need to know that these collectibles are floating in the air. This means that you’ll need to find a ramp next to each Balloon and use it to get into the air so you can pop the collectible.

Last but not least, by smashing all 20 Tank Balloons on the maps below, you’ll complete the following missions:

  • Pop! Major Mission – Unlocked at Rookie Rank
  • Pop Pop! Minor Mission – Unlocked at Pro Rank
  • Pop’ Til They Drop! Minor Mission – Unlocked at Exper Rank
  • Can Pop, Won’t Stop! Minor Mission – Unlocked at Elite Rank
  • Gotta Pop’ Em All Major Mission – Unlockd at Hot Wheels Legend Rank

That said, here is where to find all Tank Balloons in Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC.

Hot Wheels DLC Forest Falls Tank Balloons Locations Map

The first area we’ll cover in our guide is Forest Falls, which, as you can see on the map below, includes 7 Tank Balloons.

Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Tank Balloons Locations Map

If you can’t see all Forest Falls Tank Balloons on your map, remember that you must progress through the game and unlock new ranks.

Finally, to smash the Tank Balloons, consider using your fastest car. A good example here is the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 2011.

Now, if you encounter difficulties smashing the Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Forest Falls Tank Balloons on the map above, check the hints listed below.

NoLocation & How To Smash (Pop)
1.The first Forest Fall Balloon on the map above is the most accessible because you’ll smash it while working on completing the Forest Leap Danger Sign. Follow the western road and drive east. When you hit the ramp, you’ll smash the Tank Balloon.
2.The second Tank Baloon collectible follows the same logic as the previous one, and you’ll get it while completing the Forest Escape Danger Sign. You’ll have to drive from east to west to jump on the ramp.
3.The third Tank Balloon on the Forest Falls map above is trickier. To smash it, check the map, and northeast, you’ll see a dotted line (orange). While on the dotted road, look for a wooden ramp and jump on it to pop the collectible.
4For the fourth Balloon on the map above, exit the tracks via the exit point marked by the dotted line west of the collectible. Now, northeast of the Tank Balloon, look for a hill, and on top of it is the wooden ramp.
5.The fifth Tank Balloon is more accessible because all you have to do is drive on the track west of it, then leave the racing track when close to the collectible. Simply jump to the ground smashing it while falling.
6.Even without a ramp, the sixth Forest Falls Tank Balloon is relatively easy to smash. Exit the tracks via the exit point marked by the dotted line west of the collectible on the map above, then drive east at high speed. Use the hill west of the collectible to launch yourself into the air and pop the Balloon.
7.From the previous Tank Balloon, follow the river east without returning to the track. The last Balloon in Forest Falls can be smashed by jumping on the wooden ramp west of it in the water. To pop the floating robot, you must hit the ramp at around 75 MPH.

Giant’s Canyon Hot Wheels Tank Balloons Locations Map

Moving to the FH5 Hot Wheels Giant’s Canyon Tank Balloons locations, here you’ll want to look out for a total of 6 collectibles.

You can see them marked on the map below, which has been divided into two parts. The first is for the northern side, and the second is for the southern part of the area.

Following the same order as the one on the maps above, let’s see how to smash the 5 Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC Giant’s Canyon Tank Balloons.

NoLocation & How To Smash (Pop)
1.The first Giant’s Canyon Tank Balloon marked above is outside the map and under the red tracks. You can exit the racing tracks via the dotted line northwest of the collectible and then follow the canyon. At the edge of the map, you’ll find the ramp you can use to jump and pop the Balloon.
2.For the second Balloon, you must jump from the racing track while driving upwards. The Balloon is close to the red track.
3.From the previous collectible, drive west, leave the tracks, and you’ll spot the third Balloon. The ramp is north of the floating Tank Balloon, and you’ll have to hit it at around 120 MPH to reach the collectible.
4.For the fourth Tank Balloon marked on the map above, you’ll have to complete the Canyon Fire Danger Sign. You don’t need 3 Stars to pop the collectible, but you’ll have to use the ramp at this location.
5.Although close to the Canyon Jump Danger Sign, for the fifth Giant’s Canyon Tank Balloon, you’ll have to drive to the Canyon’s Drop Hazard Sprint starting point. From there, leave the racing tracks, drive east and use the hill at the canyon’s edge as a ramp to jump and hit the collectible.
6.The last FH5 Hot Wheels Tank Balloon in Giant’s Canyon is close to a suspended red track. While driving at high speed, leave the track, and you’ll smash it while falling.

Hot Wheels Ice Cauldron Tank Balloons Locations Map

Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Ice Cauldron area also includes 7 Tank Balloons, and as you can see on the maps below, 5 of them are found on the southern side.

One of the Ice Cauldron Tank Balloons (the first one) is smashed automatically as part of a mission you can’t miss.

Now, let’s see how to smash the remaining 6.

NoLocation & How To Smash (Pop)
1.The first floating Baloon is smashed automatically while playing a Major Mission. You can also pop it later by jumping on the ramp in the middle of the track.
2.The second Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Ice Cauldron Tank Balloon on the first map above is smashed by using the ramp for the Ice Crash Danger Sign.
3.To smash or pop the third Tank Balloon on the first Ice Cauldron Map, exit the racing track using the exit point northwest (orange dotted line), then drive east and jump from the cliff nearby towards the lave lake.
4.Upon smashing the previous Tank Balloon collectible, return to the same exit point (orange line), then exit the track, driving northwest. The next Ballon is between two hills, and you can smash it by jumping off the hill southeast.
5.Last but not least, on the first map above, you can see the fifth Tank Balloon. It’s also outside the tracks, so use the same exit point as above, but drive east towards the edge of the Ice Cauldron. The ramp is west of the Balloon, and you need to hit it at 100 MPH to smash the floating Tank.
6.For the sixth Tank Balloon on the second map above, use the exit point (dotted line) on the western side of the area, then drive east, looking for a wooden ramp in the snow. You should see it southwest of the collectible, and it will help you smash the Balloon.
7.Last but not least, the seventh Balloon Tank on the second map above is north of the Nexus. The Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Nexus Tank Balloon is also the trickiest because it’s under the racing track and above a concrete-sustaining pillar. To smash it, consider using the exit point (orange road on your map) found northwest, in Forest Falls, at the edge of the green area. From there, drive south and drop on the concrete arch (gray color), then continue towards the ramp where the last Tank Balloon awaits.

And that’s it, friends! Now you know where to find and how to smash all 20 Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Tank Balloons, so start driving and don’t forget to check other Forza Horizon 5 guides listed here.

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