Forza Horizon 5 In The Baja Vocho Story: How To Get 3 Stars

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
November 15, 2021

Forza Horizon 5 In The Baja Vocho Story 3 Stars can be won if you manage to photograph the Vocho in the Baja in under 1 minute and 48 seconds, and it is one the most annoying FH5 Stories.

That’s because for the FH5 In The Baja 3 Stars, you’ll have to race against time, and when I say time, I mean milliseconds.

This Forza Horizon 5 Vocho Story can drive you mad, and you’ll waste hours trying to get 3 Stars while racing from one location to another unless you know what you have to do.

However, it is doable, even though once you finish it, you’ll never want to see a Beetle ever again.

To help you get 3 Stars in Forza Horizon 5 In The Baja Story, throughout the guide below, I’ll share with you some tricks and tips that hopefully can help you avoid buying a new TV or monitor. 

Forza Horizon 5 In The Baja Story Location

As usual, let’s start with the location of the FH5 In The Baja Story, which is part of the Vocho Chapter.

On my map below, you can see that this story or race, if you want, takes place in the Cordillera area and starts on the highway.

Your objective is to drive from the starting location to the purple circle.

Once you get there, you’ll need to photograph the Vocho in the Baja.

Forza Horizon 5 In The Baja 3 Stars Guide

The problem with this story is that if you want to get 3 Stars, you need to get to the purple circle in under 01:48.00. This translates into 1:48 seconds.

Again, you’ll be fighting for milliseconds here.

In The Baja 3 Stars Tips

Forza Horizon 5 Vocho In The Baja 3 Stars Guide

Good, so not that we know the location of this annoying race, here are several essential tips.

  • The path outlined by the game is not the correct one. If you follow it, you won’t make it in time, so stick to the one explained below
  • You don’t have to be inside the purple circle to take the photo, but you have to be close to it
  • You are not allowed to crash. For this race, you’ll have to drive close to perfection
  • Before starting the race while in your current car, go to Settings and set the Braking to Anti-Lock Off
  • Last but not least, set your Traction Control On and Stability Control Off

The changes mentioned above are essential so make sure you apply them to get 3 Stars in this Vocho Story.

In The Baja Vocho Horizon Story 3 Stars – How To Get

As said, In The Baja Vocho Horizon Story is tedious, and if you follow the path indicated on your mini-map, things will go even worse.

As such, try to follow the path explained below because you can save a lot of time.

Instead of following the blue marker on your mini-map, the moment the race begins, head left to exit on the highway.

FH5 In The Baja 3 Stars Guide

Once on the highway, it is mandatory to avoid all cars, so switch to the right lane.

Now, you’ll want to move to the right side (emergency lane) because there is no traffic.

Remember that if by any chance you hit a car or even touch it, you’ll have to rewind.

While driving on the highway, try not to move too much because you’ll lose speed. And try not to hit anything.

The idea here is to drive at maximum speed, which should be above 135 MPH.

Now, as you approach the highway’s exit (right side), there is a curve you’ll have to be aware of.

Here you are not allowed to hit the brakes, and you cannot move outside the asphalt. 

If you set the Braking to Anti-Lock Off, the car won’t slow down, which is precisely what you want. Try to maintain your speed at 120 MPH or above.

From this point onward, remain on the indicated path (blue line), but stay on the road at all costs and don’t hit anything.

After you exit the Horizon Festival Area, you’ll have to be extra cautious and pay close attention to the left side of the road.

Eventually, you’ll see a large rock pictured below.

FH5 Vocho In The Baja 3 Stars Guide

Immediately behind the rock, there are several cactuses, which mark the spot where you’ll have to leave the road.

So, turn left, and you’ll be on rugged terrain. The path you need to follow here is straight towards the waypoint in the distance; however, you’ll want to pay attention to your minimap.

The trick is to start aligning your car with the road pictured below on my mini-map.

Forza Horizon 5 In The Baja Vocho Story 3 Stars Guide

By doing this, the moment you leave the gravel terrain, you’ll be perfectly aligned with the asphalt road, moving in a straight line toward the location where you need to photograph the Vocho in the Baja.

The final trick comes as you get close to the purple circle because you need to pay attention to the time you have left until you hit 1 minute and 48 seconds and the mini-map.

If you have several milliseconds left, check your mini-map. 

Forza Horizon 5 In The Baja 3 Stars How To Get

You can notice in the image above the location where you can pull your camera to photograph the Vocho in the Baja.

In the lower-left corner, you can see that you can do it outside the purple circle but close to its edge.

That’s when you’ll press up on D-Pad and take the photo. There is no need to rush because when you pull your camera, the timer stops.

Now, if done correctly, the 3 Stars are yours.

If not, consider rewinding to the area before returning to the asphalt and try a different path to recover the milliseconds you lost.

So, what was your strategy to get 3 Stars in FH5 In The Baja Vocho Story?

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  1. You can cut almost 2 seconds off the time by making a straight line through the desert from exiting the highway to the circle. Just did it in 1:45.766.

    1. Exactly. Just did the same thing in 1:44 without changing any settings. Just like the article says, just hit up on the d-pad as soon as you touch the purple circle.

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