Forza Horizon 5 Show Me Lucha De Carreteras Story: How To Get 3 Stars

by Vlad
November 20, 2021

Forza Horizon 5 Show Me Story, or the first Lucha De Carreteras Horizon Story, is one of the trickiest events you’ll have to complete in the Lucha De Carreteras Chapter, simply because to get 3 Stars you’ll have to complete a race in 1 minute and 47 seconds.

Unlike the second Lucha De Carreteras Story (You Must Train), in this race, you have to rely on your driving skills; however, there are essential aspects you must be aware of.

Furthermore, as explained below, to get the Forza Horizon 5 Show Me 3 Stars, you’ll want to avoid playing it during the Wet Season (Summer).

So let’s see how to get the 3 Stars in FH5 Show Me Lucha De Carreteras Story.

Forza Horizon 5 Show Me Story Location

The Forza Horizon 5 Show Me Horizon Story starts northwest of Playa Tranquila, as you can see on the following map.

Forza Horizon 5 Show Me 3 Stars Guide

To get 3 Stars in FH5 Show Me race, you’ll need to reach the destination point in less than 1:47; however, since there are no valid shortcuts (that don’t rely on luck), you’ll want to drive close to perfection.

On top of this, you’ll have to maintain a speed of at least 130 MPH.

Show Me 3 Stars Tips

forza horizon 5 lucha de carreteras show me 3 stars guide - GameClubz

Before starting this race, it’s worth knowing several tips to help you reach the finish line in time.

  • First and most important, avoid playing this race during the Wet Season (Summer) because the water decreases your car’s stability. On top of this, there is a puddle that slows you down just enough to miss the 3 Stars.
  • While driving your current car, go to Settings, then set the Braking to Anit-Lock Off. This way, the car won’t slow down automatically during turns. 
  • As mentioned, for this race, you’ll have to race close to perfection, so if you bump into other cars or leave the road, consider rewinding.
  • When steering, avoid sudden moves because your car will start drifting. Instead of holding the left thumbstick to steer, consider moving it in short sequences. For example, to take a left turn, move the left thumbstick quickly, release it, then repeat. Keep the steering inputs minimal.
  • Last but not least, consider following the blue line on the road as much as possible, driving in wide lines.

Lucha De Carreteras You Must Train Story 3 Stars – How To Get

When the FH5 Lucha De Carreteras You Must Train Story starts, you are prompted to stay above 130 MPH, which is an easy task if you don’t play this race during the Wet Season.

Also, if you stay on the road and don’t make sudden moves, you most likely won’t encounter any difficulties.

Remember to steer in short sequences for the first sections of the race, avoiding long thumbstick moves. Push and release; otherwise, you’ll start drifting.

Although you may be tempted to cut corners, don’t. Stay on the road, and if you need to slow down, don’t hit the brake. Instead, release the acceleration button.

Upon entering the small village, you’ll encounter this puddle on the road.

FH5 Show Me 3 Stars Guide

This specific puddle is bigger during the Wet Season, making the 3 Stars almost impossible to obtain.

Although it is smaller in other seasons, you’ll still have to avoid it at all costs because you’ll waste precious time if you don’t.

Once you get past the puddle, the road ahead is straightforward, and there are no other notable obstacles you will encounter.

However, it goes without saying that if you bump into other cars, you’ll have to rewind.

If you manage to master the steering technique explained above (in sequences), the 3 Forza Horizon 5 Show Me Story Stars are yours.

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  1. Even following these directions, it is still nearly impossible to get close to that 3-Star time. I think Playground Games purposely puts these ridiculous goals in place without thinking how much it ruins the game.

  2. Even following these directions I still can’t even get close to the 3 Star time. I honestly believe Playground Games sets these ridiculous goals without thinking how much it ruins the game and just makes it frustrating.

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