Forza Horizon 5 Scene 35A V10 Story: How To Get 3 Stars

by Vlad
November 18, 2021

The Forza Horizon 5 Scene 35A 3 Stars you have to get in the 4th V10 Horizon Chapter can prove a bit difficult, especially if you are new to the Forza Horizon franchise.

That’s because for the FH5 Scene 35A Story 3 Stars, you have to score at least 100.000 Skill Points within 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

However, the 3 Stars for this V10 Story should not be a problem for those who know all the tricks in Forza games, but they can become problematic for beginners.

As such, if you are new to the series, below I’ll tell you how to get 3 Stars in Forza Horizon 5 Scene 35A Story.

Forza Horizon 5 Scene 35A Story Location

In the latest Forza video game developed by Playground Games, Scene 35A is a V10 Story that takes place south of Costa Rocosa.

You can see the location on my map below.

Here you’ll have to drive an Aston Martin DB11 and perform a series of stunts on the beach nearby.

Forza Horizon 5 Scene 35A 3 Stars Guide

On top of this, you may also want to get 100K Skill Points to beat the 3 Stars Skills target.

Scene 35 A 3 Stars Tips

Forza Horizon 5 V10 Scene 35A 3 Stars Guide

Great, so now you know where this FH5 Story takes place, here are several tips and car settings you should consider making before this event:

  • Before starting the Scene 35A Horizon Story while in your current car, go to Settings and set the Braking to Anti-Lock Off
  • Also, set your Traction Control Off and Stability Control Off
  • Finally, you may want to consider staying away from the beach

The first two settings listed below are necessary to score more Skill Points while drifting. The last tip is actually the one that will help you get 3 Stars.

Here is what you have to do. 

V10 Scene 35A Horizon Story 3 Stars – How To Get

When the event or the FH5 V10 Scene 35A starts, you’ll find yourself on a ramp, and in front of you is a beach with a lot of debris you can smash.

Normally, you’ll want to drive down the beach ahead and start smashing the crates and tires while jumping on the ramps.

While this is a valid option, you’ll most likely notice how hard it is to score 100.000 Skill Points.

Therefore, when the story starts, descend the ramp and turn left.

FH5 Scene 35A 3 Stars Guide

The idea here is relatively easy. Your goal is to find a better place to score the 100.000 Skill Points you need for the 3 Stars; because the game doesn’t force you to stay on the beach.

In fact, you can totally ignore the beach, and once you turn left at the bottom of the ramp, in the distance, you’ll see a large bridge (pictured). 

FH5 V10 Scene 35A 3 Stars Guide

Now, keep driving under the bridge ahead, and on the right side, you’ll see a river.

On the river’s shore is a large plain with a lot of trees.

This is your playground, and this is where you can score 3 Stars in Forza Horizon 5 Scene 35A Story.

Here is the area you have to reach.

Forza Horizon 5 Scene 35A Story How To Get 3 Stars

While in the area marked above, if you use the settings listed above, your only goal is to drift as much as possible and hit the trees.

What makes this area so unique and great for scoring 3 Stars are the trees and the fact that the only obstacle that can interrupt your Skill Combo chain is the river.

So try not to get into the river and start smashing the trees while driving left and right.

FH5 Scene 35A Story How To Get 3 Stars

If you run out of trees by any chance, don’t forget that to the north is a plain that is even bigger and has a lot of cactuses waiting to be smashed.

So basically, the fact that you don’t actually have to complete the Story in the given area is the secret that many new Forza players may not know.

If you know this and the area where you can get 100K Skill Points, the Forza Horizon 5 Scene 35A 3 Stars are yours.

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