Forza Horizon 5 Spring #Unpeelievable Photo Challenge: How To Take A Photo Of The 1965 Peel Trident At Teotihuacan

by Vlad
December 30, 2021

Forza Horizon 5 Unpeelievable (#Unpeelievable) is the fourth FH5 Series 2 Photo Challenge you can complete in the Spring Season.

FH5 Unpeelievable is most likely the last Challenge you will complete during the Spring Season, and by doing this, you’ll be awarded 2 PTS and the “Air Guitar” Remote Reward.

Furthermore, the Forza Horizon 5 #Unpeelievable Photo Challenge is one of the trickiest so far, even though it has a single requirement:

  • Take a photo of the 1965 Peel Trident at Teotihuacan

Forza Horizon 5 Unpeelievable Photo Challenge Location

Forza Horizon 5 Unpeelievable Photo Challenge How To Get

What makes the Forza 5 Unpeelievable Photo Challenge a bit harder than all previous challenges is not the location where you have to take the photo (marked above) but the car you have to use.

In this case, we are dealing with the smallest car in the video game developed by Playground Games. The 1965 Peel Trident.

Besides the fact that it is small, this car is also very rare, meaning that you can’t find it at the Auction House (nobody is selling it these days), and you can’t buy it from Autoshow.

As such, to get the 1965 Peel Trident in Forza Horizon 5, you have to unlock it, and as you can see in my image below, you need to get 45 Spring Season Points.

FH5 Unpeelievable Photo Challenge How To Get

How To Get The 1965 Peel Trident

So basically, for the Forza Horizon 5 Unpeelievable Photo Challenge, you have to complete as many Spring Challenges as possible.

Here is the complete list; however, keep in mind that you need only 45 Points for the Peel Trident:

  • Driftacular! – Horizon Open – 2 PTS
  • The Eliminator – Battle Royale – 2 PTS
  • Too Cool To Air – Treasure Hunt – 3 PTS (check this guide to complete it)
  • Down For The Countdown – Seasonal Championship – 5 PTS
  • Co-Op Championships – Horizon Tour – 3 PTS
  • Auld Lang Syne – Seasonal Championship – 5 PTS
  • New Beginnings – Seasonal Championship – 5 PTS
  • Los Arboles – Speed Trap – 2 PTS
  • Punto De Vista – Speed Zone – 2 PTS
  • Boardwalk – Danger Sign – 2 PTS
  • No Small Wonder – Seasonal Playground Games – 3 PTS
  • Daftmonk3610 Presents – Event Lab – 3 PTS
  • Tis The Season To Be Hooning – The Trial – 10 PTS
  • Mini Games- Horizon Arcade – 3 PTS

All events listed above award Season Points that will help you unlock the 1965 Peel Trident.

Additionally, you can also complete daily challenges if you need more points.

Once you have 45, simply unlock the car from the Spring Season progress window.

#Unpeelievable – How To Take A Photo Of The 1965 Peel Trident At Teotihuacan

Things get pretty straightforward after you unlock the Peel Trident because all you need to do is travel to the location on my map above.

Here, you’ll see a giant pyramid and an airstrip. 

Obviously, you need to be in your newly acquired Peel Trident for this challenge.

Now, place your car in front of the pyramid next, then press Up on your DPad to pull out your camera and then A, to take a beautiful photo with this tiny car.

Forza Horizon 5 Unpeelievable Photo Challenge Location

Once you take the photo, the Forza Horizon 5 #Unpeelievable Photo Challenge marks it as completed.

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