Forza Horizon 5 Parasols Locations: How To Unlock Throwing Shade Accolade

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
December 6, 2021

Forza Horizon 5 Parasols are Smashable Objects very similar to the Beach Flags explained here, and they allow you to unlock the Throwing Shade Accolade in the video game developed by Playground Games.

Unlike the Beach Flags, though, the 10 FH5 Parasols must be smashed within 45 seconds, and this task can prove a bit tricky if you don’t know where to find them.

Therefore, throughout the guide below, we’ll go over the fastest way to smash 10 Forza Horizon 5 Parasols and eventually unlock the Throwing Shade Accolade.

Forza Horizon 5 Parasols – Where To Find

Forza Horizon 5 Parasols Locations

Although the Forza 5 Parasols can be found on the western coast of Mexico, usually on the beach, if you wish to unlock the Throwing Shade Discovery Accolade faster, the best option is to play a Community Challenge focused on this specific Accolade.

In this case, we’ll use the one created by the user Hypno Viperz.

To access it, follow these steps:

  • In the game’s menu, press RB and go to Creative Hub
  • Choose the Event Lab in the next window
  • Now, select Event Blueprints
  • Use the Search option at the bottom of the screen
  • In the Search window, leave all fields as they are and edit the Share Code field only
  • In the Share Code field, add the following code: 164495535

You can see the Share Code and the Challenge in the image above, and you can use whatever car you want.

Thanks to user Hypno Viperz, this Accolade is one of the easiest in the game, and once you start the Challenge, you’ll see more than 10 Parasols (pictured below) aligned on the racing track.

fh5 parasols locations - GameClubz

As you can guess, all you need to do is to follow the track on the GPS and smash all Parasols on your way toward the finish line.

This race takes less than 20 seconds which means that you’ll finish it within the required time.

Last but not least, if by any chance this is removed, you can look for similar ones by tying Throwing Shade in the Title field while searching for Blueprint events.

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  1. Thanks for this. I was smashing dem parasols on the beach on the west side, near the hotel.
    But the counter kept resetting. I guess smashing other objects resets the counter.
    Cause all those parasols had those beds next to them.

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