Forza Horizon 5 Lucha De Carreteras Rudo VS Rudo Accolade: How To Take The Shortcut In Forzudo

by Vlad
November 30, 2021

Forza Horizon 5 Rudo VS Rudo Accolade can be unlocked while playing the Forzudo Story in Lucha De Carreteras Chapter.

FH5 Rudo VS Rudo Lucha De Carreteras Accolade requires you to take the shortcut in Forzudo, which is a race you’ll be able to play after Qualification.

Like the Qualification Shortcut we already covered, the Forzudo Shortcut is essential for finishing the race against Forzudo with 3 Stars.

As such, below, I’ll tell you where to find the FH5 Forzudo Shortcut and how to unlock the Rudo VS Rudo Accolade.

Forza Horizon 5 Rudo VS Rudo Accolade Location

Forza Horizon 5 Rudo VS Rudo Accolade Guide

The map above shows the exact location of the Forzudo Shortcut in FH5 or where you can unlock the Rudo VS Rudo Accolade.

As you can notice, this shortcut is close to the finish line, and it is also easy to miss.

To unlock the Accolade, the first thing you’ll have to do is to replay the Foarzudo Story in Lucha De Carreteras Chapter.

If you don’t know how to replay the Forza Horizon 5 Stories, just follow the instructions in this guide.

Now, from the Lucha De Carreteras list of Horizon Stories, select the 4th one, named Forzudo.

How To Take The Shortcut In Forzudo

When the race starts, your first objective is to take the lead and place yourself in front of Forzudo.

The race starts at El Stadio Horizon and ends south of the Stadium. There are only several sharp turns at the beginning and a few at the end; however, you can avoid the latter by taking the shortcut below.

FH5 Rudo VS Rudo Accolade Guide

As you can notice in my screenshot, the FH5 Forzudo Shortcut is one checkpoint before the finish line.

To spot it, look for the two stands with supporters close to the road. The moment you see them, keep driving in a straight line toward the checkpoint in the distance.

In the field behind the road is a ramp (also pictured) you can hit at high speed.

Forza Horizon 5 Forzudo Shortcut Location

By jumping on the ramp, you’ll save precious seconds and avoid four sharp turns where you’ll waste time.

It goes without saying that if you can’t get the 3 Forza Horizon 5 Gold Stars, it’s because you’re missing the Forzudo shortcut, so now that you know where it is, makes sure you unlock the Rudo VS Rudo Accolade.

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