1. I think the bug is that if anything other than you hits the snowman, it doesn’t count. And there are a lot of small rocks on the ground up there so it’s easy to push a rock into the snowman and then it doesn’t count. I had similar issue with the trees.

    1. I thought that too until I hit two of them with rocks. One counted, and one didn’t. But then again, I smashed three with my car (no rocks), and none of them counted.

  2. Actually I found the best spot to be mulege. Fast travel to the Horizon wonderland and drive around the area I found like 10 snowmen there

    1. Yeah, but the problem is that those spawned recently (as in Season 2 – Autumn), and they may disappear at the end of the Season. Those on the map were (and still are) available from the beginning of Series 3.

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