Assassin’s Creed Mirage A Life’s Work Treatise Tale of Baghdad

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October 10, 2023

Assassin’s Creed Mirage A Life’s Work is a heartbreaking side-mission available in the Abbasiyah District of the video game developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux. It is one of the two Abbasiyah Tales of Baghdad you must play to achieve 100% completion in the western region of the city, and it revolves around Al-Mahani, a dying astronomer who wants you to find his treaties or treaty pages.

Al-Mahani’s Treaties are scattered around the Observatory Viewpoint, and to get them, you’ll need a keen eye. Furthermore, one of them requires solving a puzzle; however, don’t worry because, in the following walkthrough, I’ll tell you where to find the three Treaty Pages and how to get them.

Where To Find Al-Mahani In AC Mirage

Al-Mahani is an NPC you’ll find on the northern side of Abbasiyah, the western district of Baghdad. Specifically, he sits in front of the Observatory at the location marked below.

The first Abbasiyah Tale of Baghdad is dounf near the Observatory Viewpoint.

As you can see, the icon on the map above is right near the Observatory Viewpoint, which I recommend synchronizing first. After getting to the Observatory Viewpoint, look around for an older man sitting on a bench.

Talk to Al-Mahani to start the Assassin’s Creed Mirage A Life's Work Tale of Baghdad

Approach the NPC and talk to him to find out he is feeling weak and will likely die soon because of heart disease. Al-Mahani, however, is not concerned about his health but his work which consists of three treaties you must recover for him. After he tells you about his work, follow the NPC and stay close to him. Eventually, he’ll collapse near a bench and tell you about the pages you must find. Here is where to look for them.

Al-Mahani’s First Page: Comments on Euclid’s Elements, Chapter X

The first Treaty Page you must find is close to where Al-Mahani collapses. While facing the bench where he rests, check the building on the left side. You should see it flying above a carpet on the roof.

The first Treaty Page is on the roof of the building near the Observatory.

Before climbing the roof to get the Treaty Page, be advised that this is a flying page similar to the Shanties in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. So get ready to chase it. The chase is short, but you’ll have to stay close to the page and jump on the pergola on the right side. Then, you’ll need to grab a crane and move on a catwalk and some wooden posts. Finally, you’ll need to quickly climb the tower where the flying page stops.

Al-Mahani’s Second Treaty Page: On the Latitude of the Stars

After getting the first page, check the back of the Observatory building, and you’ll find a movable shelf. Approach the shield, pull it to the right, and hop on it. While standing on the shelf on the right side, you’ll see a grated window. Use the throwing knife and aim for the locker on the door across the room.

To get the second treaty page unlock the Observatory door using a throwing knife.

Now, go around the building and enter the Observatory to collect the page on the second floor, sitting on a desk near the stairs.

Al-Mahani’s Third Treaty: Calculating the Azimuth

The third and final Abbasiyah Tale of Baghdad Page is found on the roof of the Observatory. If you encounter difficulties reaching it, refer to the Abbasiyah Viewpoints locations guide since the page is on your path to the Observatory Viewpoint. You’ll find it near an astrological device.

The third treaty page is on the roof of the Observatory.

Now that you have obtained all the pages for Al-Mahani head back to the bench where he collapsed. Unfortunately, the man will be dead when you arrive, but you’ll get to talk to his son, who asks you what happened.

When Al-Mahani’s son asks you what his father said about him, it doesn’t matter how you answer, simply because Basim will make it sound like it was his fault for not reaching Al-Mahani’s son faster. Regardless of what Al-Mahani’s son tells you, A Life’s Work Tale of Baghdad ends and is marked as completed.

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