Assassin’s Creed Mirage Blade in the Crowd, Tool in the Shed Abbasiyah Tale of Baghdad

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October 10, 2023

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Blade in the Crowd, Tool in the Shed is the second Abbasiyah Tale of Baghdad available in the city’s western district, and it’s less complicated than A Life’s Work you can also complete in this region.

Unlike A Life’s Work, the AC Mirage Blade in the Crowd, Tool in the Shed, requires you to dispatch two city guards to help Naaji complete his assignment. This mission is a simple assassination contract involving only the city guards you must defeat alongside Naaji.

Where To Find Naaji In AC Mirage

Naaji is located on the southern side of the Abbasiyah district, north of the Dome of the Ass Viewpoint, which I recommend synchronizing the moment you enter this region.

assassins creed mirage blade in the crowd tool in the shed tale of baghdad - GameClubz

After you synchronize the Dome of the Ass Viewpoint, head north and cross the river. On a small alley, you’ll find Naaji standing near a ladder. Naaji is an apprentice assassin, and you can see him in the following screenshot.

assassins creed mirage naaji tale of baghdad - GameClubz

When talking to this NPC, he’ll tell you his assignment was to track two corrupted guards. Unfortunately, because he lacks experience, he can’t take out both guards, which brings us to your objective.

How to Silently Defeat the Guards With Naaji

To complete the objective of the second Assassin’s Creed Mirage Abbasiyah Tale of Baghdad silently, you must be aware that Naaji is not powerful enough to deal with a city guard. This means that you’ll have to defeat both of them before he attacks his target. After talking to Naaji, head west to enter the courtyard, where you should see the two guards. They are facing away, so they can’t see you.

assassins creed mirage abbasiyah tale of baghdad guards - GameClubz

To remain undetected, I recommend throwing a knife at the guard on the right side while being close enough to the guard on the left side. If done correctly, you’ll assassinate both of them before Naaji gets close to any of the two guards.

Obviously, if you alert them, you’ll need to deal with both guards before being able to talk to Naaji. Don’t worry if you are spotted because you’ll still be able to complete this short side mission. Once both guards are defeated, just talk to Naaji and encourage him to continue following the creed. What you tell him at the mission’s end is unimportant, so pick the dialogue choice you see fit.

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