Assassin’s Creed Mirage Round City Viewpoints Locations Guide

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October 11, 2023

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the Round City territory features four Viewpoint locations, which allows you to reveal the entire alongside its collectibles. You can use these Round City Viewpoints to quickly travel between locations to complete investigations or gather collectibles.

So, it is more efficient to synchronize all viewpoints before you start searching for collectibles in the Round City territory.

Where To Find All AC Mirage Round City Viewpoints

You can find and synchronize four viewpoints in the Round City territory of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Three of the four Viewpoints are nearly the same, all containing a treasure chest with upgrading materials. Check out our custom map below to locate each Round City Viewpoint in AC Mirage.

In the Round City territory of Assassin's Creed Mirage, you can find and synchronize four viewpoints.

In case you are having trouble locating the Viewpoints in Round City, follow our tips below.

Viewpoint #1: South of Harem

This Viewpoint tower in the Round City territory is located south of the Harem building and the center of the Palace of the Green Dome. You can effortlessly climb this tower. Once you are almost to the top, go inside through the window and open the treasure chest inside. It requires one Merchant Favor Token in order to open it.

Climb the viewpoint tower and synchronize it.

Viewpoint #2: North of Shurta Headquarters

You can find this Round City Viewpoint north of the Shurta Headquarters and east of the Palace of the Green Dome. It is important to note that climbing this tower would require some attention. Simply holding up won’t be enough, as this climb involves figuring out the route more carefully.

This viewpoint is located north of Shurta Headquarters.

Near the top of the Viewpoint tower, you can break the wooden window to go inside and open a treasure chest containing materials. You’ll have to use one of your Merchant Favor Tokens to open it.

Viewpoint #3: West of Mazalim Courts

This Round City Viewpoint in AC Mirage is situated west of the Mazalim Courts and north of the Palace of the Green Dome, which is located at the center of the territory. It is a typical Viewpoint but slightly taller than usual. The Viewpoint offers a clear and unobstructed view of the surrounding area.

You can find this Viewpoint west of Mazalim Courts.

You can also find a treasure chest behind the breakable wooden window. Use your Eagle Vision to locate it easily. Also, make sure you have at least one Merchant Favor Token on you to open it.

Viewpoint #4: Palace of the Green Dome

You can find the Viewpoint at the center of the Round City territory, on top of the Palace of the Green Dome. However, it’s situated in a hostile area, so you’ll either have to fight or sneak your way to it. Or you can keep running and avoid fighting. You’ll also need to find a way past the wall surrounding the palace. To enter the courtyard, I recommended using the Secret Entrance (an opening in the wall) located west of the Palace of the Green Dome.

You can find a Secret Entrance leading inside the Palace of the Green Dome on the west side of the wall.

Then, climb the northwest or southeast lower balconies until you reach the dome. Look around the dome until you see a scaffolding and use it to get to the top of the Palace of the Green Dome.

Climb the Palace of the Green Dome all the way to the top to synchronize.

Unfortunately, you can’t teleport/fast-travel away because it’s a hostile territory. So, you must make your way down and leave the courtyard using the same spot. Congratulations! You have successfully synchronized all four AC Mirage Round City Viewpoints, which means that you can now see all the collectibles and points of interest in the region on your map.

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