Assassin’s Creed Mirage Curse of The Si’la’ Ma’Bad’s Demon Tale of Baghdad

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October 9, 2023

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Curse of The Si’la Demon is the second Wilderness Tale of Baghdad you’ll get to play in the largest area of the video game developed by Ubisoft after meeting Ma’Bad. In AC Mirage, Ma’Bad is the only survivor in the Abandoned Village, found west of Baghdad, and your objective is to figure out what happened to the villagers. According to the NPC, they were all killed by a Si’la Demon, but Basim is clever enough to know that demons don’t exist.

Regardless, the villagers are dead, and to complete the Curse of The Si’la’ Tale of Baghdad, you must find out what happened to them. This mission requires an investigation that will eventually reveal the truth about the Si’la Demon and, more importantly, Ma’Bad. As you are about to see, while Tiferet you’ve met in Treasure Hunt Tale of Baghdad is a clever and enterprising woman, Ma’Bad (despite the fear in his eyes) is nothing more than a common thief.

Where To Find Ma’Bad In AC Mirage

Ma’Bad, the AC Mirage NPC who needs your help investigating the death of his fellow villagers, is located in the Abandoned Village. This specific landmark is found on the western side of the Wilderness, as you can see on my map below.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Curse of The Si'la' Tale of Baghdad starts in  the Abandoned Village

After reaching the location on the map above, scout the Abandoned Village, looking for a nervous NPC in the upper section of the town. You should be able to find Ma’Bad next to a large tree.

Talk to Ma'Bad in standing near the tree.

When talking to Ma’Bad in the Abandoned Village, pay close attention to the information he provides. While heartbroken, the NPC is hiding something. He’ll tell you that an evil spirit has slain his friends and neighbors. The deadly creature is known as Si’la or Sila, which translates into Hag.

When Basim asks Ma’Bad if he saw the creature, he will confirm without doubt, although he is, in fact, lying. Your objective is to find the truth behind Ma’Bad’s story.

How To Complete Ma’Bad’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage Abandoned Village Tale of Baghdad

To complete the Abandoned Village Tale of Baghdad in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you must find a series of clues that will help Basim figure out what exactly happened to the villagers. Your investigation starts from Ma’Bad’s location, so activate Basim’s eagle vision and descend the hill towards the river. As you move down the stairs, you’ll find a corpse in front of a house (pictured below).

The first Abandoned Village Tale of Baghdad clue is in front of a house.

Interact with the corpse to discover that its flesh has blisters. Now, follow the stairs nearby, and on the right side, you’ll spot a house with a crate by the front door. Here, you’ll find the next two clues.

Check the crate near the door.

First, examine the crate near the door to spot some Chinese markings. Now, enter the house and examine the small vase on the ground. You’ll find out that it contains sal ammoniac, which, as you are about to find, is poisonous. Exit the house and activate Basim’s eagle vision again to spot another clue several steps away. It is a small object (pictured below) that can be easily missed.

Continue your investigation by finding the emblem of the Caliph's palace.

This object is the emblem of the Caliph’s palace. Once you find it, continue descending the hill towards the river. Eventually, you’ll encounter a jaguar which guards the last two clues you need for your investigation.

Continue Ma'Bad's Tale of Baghdad by investigating the clues near the river

First, get rid of the wild beast, then look around to spot the last two clues:

  • The tracks in the sand where the jaguar was resting
  • A campfire

Once you find the last two clues, your investigation is over, so it’s time to return to Ma’Bad. When confronting him, he’ll tell you what exactly happened to the villagers who died because of him.

Ma’Bad’s friends robbed a Chinese caravan that stopped by the river to water their animals. The caravan was carrying ammoniac for the Caliph’s alchemists, and the thieves stole a crate of jars without knowing what was inside them. When they opened the jars, they released the deadly vapors, killing everyone nearby.

While Ma’Bad had no idea what would happen, he gave the orders, thus being the cause of the disaster that occurred. Now your investigation is complete, and so is the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Curse of The Si’la’ side-mission, so it’s time to continue your adventure and head to Harbiyah, where you can play the Holy Mission Tale of Baghdad.

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