Assassin’s Creed Mirage Abbasiyah Historical Site Locations Guide

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October 18, 2023

Abbasiyah, or the western Baghdad district in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, features 15 Historical Sites you must find and collect to get 100% completion and learn more about the landmarks featured in the video game developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux. The Assassin’s Creed Mirage Historical Sites are scattered around the district, and they are best approached after synchronizing the three Abbasiyah Viewpoints west of the Round City. Since some of them can become problematic, we’ll discuss these collectibles in the following guide.

The Historical Sites in AC Mirage are similar to the Animus Fragments from the previous Assassin’s Creed games, meaning that all you need to do is to get close and have Basim interact with them.

Where To Find All AC Mirage Abbasiyah Historical Sites

For this guide to be as helpful as possible, I have marked the locations of all Historical Site collectibles in the Abbasiyah district on the following map. The idea is to pinpoint the places you must visit for the 15 Historical Sites, so follow the order on it.

The complete map for all 15 Abbasiyah Historical Sites Locations in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

If you struggle to find any of the Historical Sites on the map above, refer to the details below because I’ll explain where to look for them in the game, following the same order as the one on the map.

Historical Sites #1 – 3 (Papermaking, Slavery & Muhtasib): In the Four Markets

The first three Abbasiyah Sites on the map above are scattered around The Four Markets landmark, which you’ll most likely explore when looking for the Four Markets Gear Chest & Key. They are pretty easy to spot and don’t require any special abilities and tools. These Sites open the following codex entries:

  • Papermaking – Found in a back alley in front of a vending stall. The vendor is selling paper.
  • Slavery – Look for it in a small plaza on the easter side of The Four Markets.
  • Muhtasib – Located on top of the southern gate leading outside The Four Markets.

Historical Sites #4 – 5 (Astronomical Instruments & Astronomy and Astrology): Near the Observatory

The next two Abbasiyah Historical Sites are close to another important landmark: the Observatory. To find them faster, I recommend synchronizing the Observatory Viewpoint first. Then, I also recommended completing A Life’s Work Tale of Baghdad, which will get you close to one of the Historical Sites. Here is where to find the two entries:

  • Astronomical Instruments – On top of the Observatory Viewpoint, in the covered area.
  • Astronomy and Astrology – In front of the Observatory building where you meet Al-Mahani.

Historical Sites #6 – 9 (House of Wisdom, Scientific Method, Majlis & Calculating the Earth’s Circumference): Around the House of Wisdom

As you can see on the map above, the next 4 Historical Sites are grouped around the House of Wisdom landmark. Since the House of Wisdom plays an important role in Basim’s story, I recommend going after the four collectibles only after completing the story. That’s because some are behind locked doors you’ll open when playing main missions.

  • House of Wisdom – On top of the House of Wisdom’s southern gate. Climb the walls to get it.
  • Scientific Method – In front of a table in the library on the northern side of the House of Wisdom.
  • Majlis – Inside a second library by a window. The library is several steps away from the previous one.
  • Calculating the Earth’s Circumference – In front of the large astronomical device in the main room of the House of Wisdom.

Historical Site #10 (Translation Movement): In Front of the Scriptorium Gate

The tenth Historical Site in Abbasiyah is fairly easy to spot. Head to the location on my map above, and you’ll find the Scriptorium landmark. Check the southern gate, and you’ll see the collectible in front of it.

The Scriptorium Historical Site is in the front of the southern gate.

Historical Site #11 (Arabic as a Cultural Unifier): South of Abbasiyah Bureau

After you collect the previous codex entry, fast-travel to the Abbasiyah Bureau. South of it, you’ll find a small plaza and, in the center, a vendor selling books. The collectible is in front of the vendor’s stall.

South of South of Abbasiyah Bureau is the eleventh Historical Site.

Historical Sites #12 – 13 (Hammam & Abbasid Style): In the Hammam

Two additional Assassin’s Creed Historical Sites are found in the Hammam area of Abbasiyah. Both are very accessible, especially if you synchronize the nearby Viewpoint.

  • Hammam – Inside the main room of the Hammam, behind the largest bath.
  • Abbasid Style – On top of the roof, floating above a pergola.

Historical Site #14 (Dome of the Ass): On Top of the Roof

Moving further to the south, you should be able to spot a large landmark and mosque known as the Dome of the Ass. The Historical Site codex entry sits on the highest point on the roof. If you synchronized the Viewpoint here, simply turn around and start climbing the round roof.

Climb the Dome of the Ass roof to get the Historical Site collectible.

Historical Site #15 (Healthcare): Inside a room in the Great Bimaristan

The last Historical site on our Abbasiyah map above is found inside the Great Bimaristan building. You’ll find it inside the southwestern room. You don’t need a key to get inside; simply go around the building and collect it.

The Great Bimaristan Historical Site is found in the library.
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