Assassin’s Creed Mirage Dur-Kurigalzu Gear Chest Location Guide

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
October 5, 2023

If you wonder how to get the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Dur-Kurigalzu Gear Chest in the Wilderness region outside Baghdad, you should know that the collectible is found in an underground enemy camp and requires you to solve a small puzzle. The AC Mirage Dur-Kurigalzu Chest is otherwise pretty straightforward, and you can get your hands on the Hidden One Dagger inside this specific chest the moment you leave Anbar, heading towards Baghdad.

This means you don’t need any additional tools for Basim, but you’ll have to deal with several enemies inside the underground camp.

AC Mirage Dur-Kurigalzu Chest Location

As you can see on the map below, Dur-Kurigalzu is a named location found southeast of Anbar. It is a landmark where you’ll also find one of the 7 Wilderness Viewpoints.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Dur-Kurigalzu Gear Chest is found in an underground camp.

After reaching the location marked on the map above, I first recommend synchronizing the nearby viewpoint. Climb the ruined structure and walk on the planks to reveal all points of interest nearby.

Next, perform a Leap of Faith inside the hole beneath the viewpoint. This will grant you access to the tunnel leading to the Gear Chest. But first, you’ll need to deal with some enemies and solve a puzzle.

How To Get the Gear Chest in Dur-Kurigalzu

Now, after you enter the tunnel, pay close attention to the first group of enemies you must eliminate. The path ahead is linear, so you likely won’t encounter any difficulties navigating the tunnel. There are four guards you need to assassinate in the first cave.

Once you are done with them, make sure you also dispatch the two guards in the second room. After you clear the area, head back to the first room and notice the large stone pictured below.

Break the vases then move the large stone to the right.

First, smash the vases on the right side of the stone (marked above), pull the rock towards you by interacting with it, and then drag it to the right. Behind the stone, you’ll see a red vase (urn). Pick it up and carry it to the second room, where you’ll see a breakable wall. While holding LT/LB on your PlayStation/Xbox controller, aim for the breakable wall, then press RT/RB to throw the explosive vase.

Throw the urn at the breakable wall.

Once you destroy the wall, continue down the linear tunnel until you reach a dead end. On the left side, while facing the dead end, is a hole. Jump through it, and you’ll enter a larger cave with more guards waiting for you.

To dispatch them faster, I suggest assassinating the guard on the upper wooden ledge and then dropping the stones hanging on the crate using a throwing knife. Aim for the link on the crane’s rope, and the stones will deal with some of the enemies below. Finally, assassinate the remaining guards; then, in the middle of the cave, you’ll see the Dur-Kurigalzu Gear Chest collectible waiting for you.

The chest is in the middel of the large cave

After you open the chest and get the Hidden One Dagger, follow the tunnel behind the waterfall (also pictured above) to exit Dur-Kurigalzu cave. The path ahead is linear, and you won’t encounter any enemies.

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