Assassin’s Creed Mirage Great Garrison Gear Chest Location Guide

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October 9, 2023

The Great Garrison Gear Chest in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is one of the six Gear Chests available in the Karkh territory. This Chest contains the Abbasid Knight Dagger, which has a unique ability called Resilient: when Basim’s Health is lower than 50 percent, Damage Resistance is increased by 30 percent.

However, reaching the location of the Great Garrison Gear Chest in AC Mirage can prove difficult due to the barricaded walls and numerous enemies patrolling the place.

AC Mirage The Great Garrison Chest Location

The Great Garrison Gear Chest is in the southeast corner of the Karkh territory, in the Sharqiyah district. I’ve marked the exact location of the Gear Chest in the image below.

You can find this Gear Chest inside The Great Garrison, southeast of Karkh region.

It can be found in a room above the gate of The Great Garrison, guarded by an elite enemy. Once you reach the location marked on the map above, you can use Basim’s Eagle Vision to locate the Gear Chest inside The Great Garrison.

Use Eagle Vision to easily locate the Gear Chest in The Great Garrison.

However, this fortress is filled with enemies lurking around every corner. It is also barricaded with spikes on its ramparts, making climbing impossible. Fortunately, there is a secret entrance that you can go through to enter the Great Garrison.

How To Get the Great Garrison Gear Chest in AC Mirage

From the main gate, head to the right (south) around the garrison, and you’ll find a damaged section in the fortress wall, which they are trying to repair. Under the wooden scaffolding, you’ll see an opening to slide through and go inside.

Go through the opening inside the wooden scaffolding to enter The Great Garrison.

Once you go through the opening, climb the scaffolding to reach the top of the garrison walls. When you get close to the Gear Chest, you’ll notice a metal fence blocking the doorway. So, make your way to the other side of the tower using the poles and beams on the courtyard side to avoid fighting the whole garrison.

Proceed to the opposite side of the tower by using the poles and beams located on the courtyard side.

After reaching the other entrance, destroy the large jar next to the shelf. Move the shelf left to reveal a crouching opening.

Destroy the jar and move the shelf to reveal an opening in the wall.

As mentioned earlier, the Great Garrison Gear Chest is guarded by an elite enemy. Using the Chain Assassination ability, you can quickly eliminate him by holding (R3) on your controller. Alternatively, you throw a knife at his knees to knock him down; then, you can jump on him to finish him off. After you’ve dealt with the guard, open the Gear Chest to obtain the Abbasid Knight Dagger or the Upgrade Schematics for it.

The Abbasid Knight Dagger or its Upgrade Schematics is the reward for this Gear Chest.

Once you’ve collected your reward, you can quickly leave the garrison by climbing to the top of this room and performing a leap of faith into the hay cart in front of the gate.

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