Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Gift Enigma Solution

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October 16, 2023

Abbasiyah district featured in Assassin’s Creed Mirage includes three Enigma side activities and collectibles you can obtain, one of them being The Gift. Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Gift Enigma leads to the hidden location of the Knight’s Talisman, which is used to change the appearance of Basim.

While The Gift Enigma scroll is extremely easy to find once you synchronize all Abbasiyah Viewpoints, the solution to the riddle can prove a bit challenging. Don’t worry, though, because, I’ll tell you how to decipher the text on the scroll and where to find the hidden treasure associated with this collectible.

AC Mirage The Gift Enigma Location

The Gift Enigma scroll in AC Mirage is on the southwestern side of Abbasiyah, the western Bagdad district. The following map shows that it’s located northwest of the Dome of the Ass Viewpoint and southwest of the Mosque Viewpoint.

The AC Mirage The Gift Enigma scroll is found on the rooftops of a building in the southern side of the Four Markets.

Head to the location on the map above, and you’ll enter the Four Markets. To find the scroll, climb on the rooftops and look for an area covered by a pergola. On a round table under the pergola, you’ll see the scroll containing a text riddle.

The scroll containing the enigma sits on a table on the roof.

Pick the scroll up, then open your inventory to take a closer look at the riddle you must solve, which reads:

“If you should read this, know that I waited, in my hand, a token of the past glories, my pledge to set aside the trappings of war for children’s toys and laughter. You never came.

I cast my gift into the river, saw it borne towards the bridge where we first courted, near the gate famed for its markets.

May it sail on towards the setting sun, far beyond my view, bearing with it every hope I had of us – of me and you.”

Where To Find The Gift Enigma Hidden Treasure

The solution to The Gift Enigma in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is easy to figure out if you check your map closely. The riddle outlines the gate famed for its markets (Four Markets Gate landmark) and a river nearby. According to the text, the treasure is near a bridge. Open your map and closely inspect the river west of the Four Markets Gate in Abbasiyah to notice that there is a single bridge across it. This bridge is found north of the Oasis Viewpoint in the Wilderness region.

Head down the river west of the Four Markets Gate.

After finding the bridge on the river west of the Four Markets, deal with the guards nearby. Now, while standing on the bridge, look for a rather large rock, and near it, on the ground, you’ll see a glowing patch indicating the location of The Gift hidden treasure.

The Gift Enigma treasure sits by a large rock near the river.

Once you collect the Knight’s Talisman, continue exploring Abbasiyah because you have two additional Enigma puzzles to solve: Delight by the Dome and A Challenge.

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