Assassin’s Creed Mirage Khurasan Gate Guardhouse Gear Chest Location Guide

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October 6, 2023

The Khurasan Gate Guardhouse Gear Chest in Assassin’s Creed Mirage features a puzzle that definitely worth solving. It rewards you with an upgrade schematic necessary to upgrade the Sanj Uprising Outfit, increasing Basim’s chances of survival during your adventures in Baghdad.

Even though the puzzle may seem challenging at first, it has a really easy solution once you learn how to do it. Therefore, follow this guide to learn how to solve the Harbiyah Khurasan Guardhouse Gear Chest puzzle in AC Mirage.

AC Mirage Khurasan Gate Guardhouse Chest Location

To find the Khurasan Guardhouse Gear Chest in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, make your way to the domed rooftop of the Guardhouse. The Guardhouse is situated in Khuld, and I’ve pinpointed its exact location on the map provided below.

You can find the Gear Chest inside a storage area on top of the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse.

It is worth mentioning that you will visit the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse as part of the Follow Nur’s Lead main story mission. Once you reach the domed roof of the Guardhouse, you will encounter two patrolling guards. It is important to take them out quietly and without raising the alarm or attracting any attention.

Then, look for a storage area on the rooftop after dealing with them. Use your Eagle Vision to reveal the Gear Chest inside.

Reveal the Gear Chest location with Eagle Vision.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Khurasan Guardhouse Gear Chest Puzzle Solution

The solution to the Gear Chest puzzle in the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse of AC Mirage involves moving shelves in a specific order and breaking jars to reveal the hidden entrance to the storage area.

You will find some jars in the far corner on the right side of the storage area. Use a melee weapon to smash the jars, and then you can reach the two moveable shelves behind them. Start by pushing the shelf on the left as far back as possible.

Move the left shelf back.

After the crate has been pushed and stopped moving, turn your head towards the right, where you’ll find another shelf. Look between these two shelves to find a large jar. You can use a throwing knife or a melee weapon to break it.

Use a throwing knife or a melee weapon to break the large jar.


After you break the large jar, move the shelf on the right as far back as possible. After it stops, check to your left. You will notice a bunch of smaller jars, which must also be smashed. Destroy the jars to reveal a small opening. Crouch and head through to reach the AC Mirage Gear Chest in Khurasan Gate Guardhouse.

Loot the Gear Chest to receive your reward.

The Gear Chest contains the Zanj Uprising Outfit or the Upgrade Schematics for it. Solve the Harbiyah Upper Harbor puzzle to obtain the outfit.

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