Assassin’s Creed Mirage Round City Dervis’ Artifact Locations Guide

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October 16, 2023

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you need to pickpocket specific NPCs at specific locations to collect the three Dervis’ Artifacts in the Round City territory. To locate the Round City Dervis Artifacts in AC Mirage, it is necessary to complete the main quest called Nur’s Contact and meet Dervis first, as his artifacts require story progression.

Once you have collected all eighteen artifacts, return to Dervis, and you will be rewarded with a sleek costume and the Curio Collector Trophy and Achievement. Also, I recommended turning on the Guaranteed Pickpocket option in the Main Menu/Options/Gameplay section to pickpocket civilians without the quick-time event.

Where To Find All AC Mirage Round City Dervis Artifacts

You can find and steal only three Dervis Artifacts in the Round City territory of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. To simplify the search, I’ve created a custom with pinpointing the exact location of each artifact. As you can see, there is one Dervis Artifact in each district of the Round City territory: Administrative District, Residential District, and Commanders’ District.

There are three Devis Artifacts scattered across all three districts in Round City.

However, if you have a hard time finding any of the Round City Dervis Artifacts using the map above, you can follow the instructions below.

Dervis Artifact #1 (Sillan Christian Cross): West of Postal Bureau

The first artifact of Round City is located in the southern part of the Administrative District, just to the west of the Postal Bureau and southeast of a local Tailor. The Artifact holder can be found on a rooftop with a patch of white flowers and a blue square shelter. You will find an old man there preaching to two women. Pickpocket him to obtain the Dervis artifact.

You can find this Devis Artifact in the Administrative District.

Dervis Artifact #2 (Coptic Censer): South of Harem

To find the Artifact holder, head to the Residential District in the Round City. The location is situated south of the Harem and just west of the Viewpoint in the territory. Look out for two market stalls in the street, one that sells food and the other that sells pots. You need to find a bearded man dressed in a dark blue robe who moves between the stalls. You can get the artifact by pickpocketing him.

You can find this Devis Artifact in the Residential District.

Dervis Artifact #3 (Pyxis): Southeast of Shurta Headquarters

You can find the last Round City Dervis Artifact in the southern part of the Commanders’ District, located southeast of the Shurta Headquarters. In the area marked on the map above, you will see a woman dressed in green walking between the two stalls. Pickpocket her to obtain the Dervis Artifact.

You can find this Devis Artifact in the Commanders District.

If you want to progress Dervis’ quest, check out our Karkh Dervis’ Artifacts Locations Guide or Harbiyah Dervis’ Artifacts Locations Guide to find more artifacts.

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