Assassin’s Creed Mirage Harbiyah Historical Site Locations Guide

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October 8, 2023

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the Historical Site is a common collectible that offers interesting information and trivia about the history of Baghdad. Finding and collecting the Harbiyah Historical Sites in Assassin’s Creed Mirage can help you expand your knowledge of the historical period depicted in the game.

Furthermore, to earn the Explorer Trophy and Achievement, you must fully explore all territories, including the Historical Sites in the Harbiyah region.

Where To Find All AC Mirage Harbiyah Historical Sites

The Harbiyah region in Assassin’s Creed Mirage features a total of 13 Historical Sites, most of which can be found at street level. However, there are a couple of them which are located on rooftops and even inside a barred building.

You can find 13 Historical Sites in Harbiyah territory.

If you have trouble finding any of the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Harbiyah Historical Sites, please refer to the instructions below.

Historical Site #1 (Alcohol Production and Consumption): On the Side of the Road

The Historical Site called Alcohol Production and Consumption is located in the southern part of the Zubaydiyah district. You can find it on the side road, as shown in the image below.

You can find this Historical Site near some crops.

Historical Site #2 (Maritime Trading): On the Rooftops

Maritime Trading is an easily accessible Harbiyah Historical Site located in the Khuld district. You can locate it by climbing the rooftops of a building on the northern side of the Khuld district.

This Historical Site can be found on a rooftop in Khuld.

Historical Site #3 (Expansion of Islam Through Trade): Between Market Stalls

This Harbiyah Historical Site in AC Mirage is located in the Khuld district, and it can be found by heading north from the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse Viewpoint. Look for it between the market stalls in the area.

You can find this site between market stalls.

Historical Site #4 (Greeks Bearing Gifts): In Front of an Archway

To find the Harbiyah Historical Site called Greeks Bearing Gifts, check the front of the archway between the Khurasan Gate and the Prince’s Palace.

This Historical Site is situated in front of a archway stage.

Historical Site #5 (A Difficult Succession): In Front of the Prince’s Palace Gate

The Historical Site known as A Difficult Succession can be found in front of the Prince’s Palace gate entrance, very close to the Greeks Bearing Gifts Historical Site.

You can find this Historical Site before the Prince's Palace Gate.

Historical Site #6 (The Banu Musa Brothers): Upper Floor of Harbiyah Bureau

This Historical Site is located in the southernmost part of Shari District. You can find it by fast-traveling to the Harbiyah Bureau and climbing the stairs inside to the upper floor.

This site is located on the upper floor of Harbiyah Bureau.

Historical Site #7 (Ceramics and Lustrewares): In the Metal Factory

To find this AC Mirage Harbiyah Historical Site, make your way to the Metal Factory area in the northern part of Shari’ District. You will find it on the street level, as shown in the image below.

This Historical Site can be found in the Metal Factory area.

Historical Site #8 (Emporium of the World): Near the Qutrabbul Gate

The Harbiyah Historical Site, known as the Emporium of the World, is located in the northwestern part of Shari’ district of the Harbiyah region in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. It is situated west of the Metal Factory and near the Qutrabbul Gate.

You can find this site near the Qutrabbul Gate.

Historical Site #9 (Prisons): In Front of Damascus Prison Gate

You can find this Harbiyah Historical Site in front of the Damascus Prison Gate in the Quadrangle of the Persians district. It is situated north of the Great Mosque Viewpoint.

Look for the site orb in front of Damascus Prison Gate.

Historical Site #10 (Pillars of Islam): Great Mosque’s Entrance

To find the Historical Site called Pillars of Islam in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, go to the Great Mosque’s entrance in the Quadrangle of the Persians district.

This Historical Site orb is located at the entrance of the Great Mosque.

Historical Site #11 (Hajj – Pilgrimage to Mecca): On Top of Great Mosque

After you pick up the previous Historical Site, climb to the top of the Great Mosque above the main door to find the Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) Historical Site.

You can find this orb site on top of Great Mosque.

Historical Site #12 (Kalila and Dimna): Inside A Barred Building

Locating this Harbiyah Historical Site can be challenging as it is inside a locked building towards the southwest of the Great Mosque in the Quadrangle of the Persians district. Head through the open window above one of the two barred doors and throw a knife at the red jar to create an explosion that will unlock the door. Also, there is a Harbiyah Lost Book on a desk in the same room that you should collect before you leave.

For this Historical Site, you must enter through the window and destroy the explosive jar to open the door.

Historical Site #13 (Abbasid Revolution): In Front of the Damascus Gate

This Harbiyah Historical Site can be found in the eastern part of the Quadrangle of the Persians district. To locate it, walk up to the Damascus Gate leading to the Round City region.

You can easily find this site in front of the Damascus Gate.
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