Assassin’s Creed Mirage Harbiyah Mysterious Shard Locations Guide

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October 8, 2023

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Mysterious Shards are a valuable and uncommon collectibles. The Harbiyah Mysterious Shards in AC Mirage can’t be found in fixed locations like other collectibles. Instead, certain NPCs carry them, which follow fixed paths around the Harbiyah region.

Also, after eliminating Al-Ghul The Slaver, your first high-ranking member of The Order, Nehal will guide you to a hidden location within the Northern Oasis of the Wilderness region, where you can trade in your Mysterious Shards for some exclusive and unique gear.

Where To Find the Two Harbiyah Mysterious Shards in AC Mirage

In the Harbiyah region of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you can find and collect two Mysterious Shards, one in the Khuld district and the other at the border between Quadrangle of the Persians district and Soap Boiler’s District.

Each Harbiyah Mysterious Shard is carried by a Tha’abeen, an elite Order member, who carries the Mysterious Shards in and out of Baghdad. As mentioned earlier, you can’t find the Tha’abeens in designated locations, and they are also not marked on the map. You’ll have to patiently wait for them.

So, I’ve pinpointed the best assassination spots for both Mysterious Shards in Harbiyah on the custom map below.

There are two Mysterious Shards in the Harbiyah territory.

Following the same order as on the map above, let’s see how to obtain the two Harbiyah Mysterious Shards in AC Mirage.

Mysterious Shard #1: West of Prince’s Palace

Near the Prince’s Palace on their route, the trio will stop by the river at the northeastern port for a brief period. Use the tall bushes for a stealthy whistle assassination or approach unnoticed using the smaller ones to snatch the Mysterious Shard through pickpocketing.

Pickpocket or assassinate the Mysterious Shard carrier to obtain it.

If you can’t stealthily steal the Mysterious Shard, you can always resort to brute force and eliminate them.

Mysterious Shard #2: In the Northeast Corner of the Soap Boiler’s District

There is only one guard protecting this Tha’abeen. However, this particular Tha’abeen is a bit different from the others. He will remain in his spot, located at the south end of the bridge in the northeast corner of the Soap Boiler’s District until his guard is defeated (or at least alerted). To obtain the Harbiyah Mysterious Shard, you must eliminate him and his guard.

Assassinate or pickpocket the Tha'abeen member accompanied by a guard to obtain the Mysterious Shard.
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