Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me: How To Keep Up With Danilo

October 18, 2021

Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me is one of the funniest and most accessible Treasure Hunts you’ll need to complete in the latest video game published by Ubisoft because it involves a hilarious pelican named Danilo.

However, the Far Cry 6 Little Birdie Told Me Treasure Hunt also has a requirement, meaning that to play it, you’ll need to unlock the Wingsuit.

If you don’t know how to unlock the Wingsuit, refer to this guide, although by the time you reach El Este, you’ll most likely have it in your possession.

Using the said Wingsuit, your goal is to keep up with the pelican Danilo and eventually reach a treasure chest or a hidden stash.

Let’s see how to complete Little Birdie Told Me Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt.

Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me Treasure Hunt Guide

Unlike Passing The Torch, for example, A Little Birdie Told Me doesn’t feature a puzzle or a riddle you need to figure out.

It is just a chase you need to finish, but this side-mission tests Dani’s flying skills. Or how good you are with the Wingsuit.

Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me Guide

As you can see on the map above, the FC6 A Little Birdie Told Me starts close to Dani’s camp in El Este. Or close to Patriotas Peak.

Here you’ll need to find the orange box (pictured) and read the note inside.

Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me Walkthrough

A Little Birdie Told Me Note from Yadira tells you that she left a hidden stash with supplies for La Moral.

Since Yadira left, the only way to get to the stash is by following Danilo.

And Danilo happens to be the Pelican looking at you while you read the note.

So, simply put, all you need to do to get the Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me stash is to follow Danilo.

After you feed him because Danilo likes to eat.

How To Keep Up With Danilo The Pelican

When you are ready to start chasing Danilo, approach the bird and hand over some food; however, there are several things you’ll have to know before this:

  • Danilo flies slower than Dani, so after you feed the pelican, wait for him to fly ahead
  • During the chase, Danilo makes several stops at specific spots
  • You can also keep up with Danilo without flying. Or you can chase him while on the ground as long as you remain within the bird’s range

Keep this in mind, then feed Danilo and let the bird fly away.

Now launch yourself in the air from the ramp nearby and press LS (on Xbox) to deploy your Wingsuit.

During the first part of the chase, Danilo flies southwest, and he’ll make the first stop on the roof of a house at Roxas Farm.

Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me How To Follow The Pelican

If you can’t land close to him, climb on the roof.

Now, you’ll need to feed him again, and once you do that, he’ll fly southeast.

To keep up with Danilo, you’ll want to use the ATV at Roxas Farm and follow the dirt path on your minimap.

Eventually, Danilo stops again at Sotomayor Farm.

Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me How To Keep Up With Danilo

After you feed Danilo the third time, jump on the shack nearby and launch yourself in the air.

He’ll head southwest and then west towards the beach. At one point, he’ll turn around and land on the beach nearby. 

Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me Stash Location

Feed him one last time, and then he’ll fly west. Jump on a Jetski nearby, and follow him, but be advised that he’ll make a swift turn at some point, and he’ll head southeast.

As you chase him on the water, he’ll stop one last time on an island.

Look around, and you’ll see Danilo’s stash or the A Litte Birdie Told Me Chest on the beach.

To open it, you’ll have to feed Danilo again and get the Fish Key from him.

Inside the chest, you’ll find the AR-C Standard Rifle (see how to get all Unique Rifles here), and next to it, a Rolled Note you may want to read as it’s hilarious.

Far Cry 6 A Little Birdie Told Me Chest Location

Now that you finished the Treasure Hunt, head to Concepcion to play The Emerald Skull, which is a bit trickier and involves a small puzzle.

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