Far Cry 6 Ida’s Refuge Criptograma Chest: How To Unlock

by Vlad
October 13, 2021

Far Cry 6 Ida’s Refuge Criptograma Chest or the Criptograma Chest Collectible found in the Ida’s Refuge area of Madrugada is one of the most accessible in this region. It takes only several minutes to unlock.

It is also the fifth and final Madrugada Criptograma Chest you’ll need to find if you follow the order on this list.

FC6 Ida’s Refuge Criptograma Chest is nevertheless mandatory if you are a completionist. Below, I’ll tell you how to unlock it or where to find the two associated Criptograma Charts hidden by Ubisoft’s developers.

Far Cry 6 Ida’s Refuge Criptograma Chest Location

On my map below, you can notice that this Criptograma Chest is found in the Aguas Lindas region of Madrugada, in the area known as Ida’s Refuge.

It is located north of FND Radar Bunker in Danzante Ridge.

Far Cry 6 Ida's Refuge Criptograma Chest Location

When you get to this location, look for a suspended house near the water.

As you can see in my screenshot below, the chest is found on the porch of the said house.

There is a ladder that allows you to reach the said porch.

Far Cry 6 Ida's Refuge Criptograma Chest Unlock

Good, so now that you found the chest, let’s see where to look for the two Far Cry 6 Ida’s Refuge Criptograma Charts.

Where To Find The First Criptograma Chart For The Ida’s Refuge Chest

From your current location, if you look in the distance (also in my screenshot above), you’ll see a rather large island.

Use the boat on the dock nearby to get close, and you’ll see a smaller dock like the one below.

Behind it is a hill, and on it, you’ll see a painted stone (marked in my image below).

Far Cry 6 Ida's Refuge Criptograma Chart Location

Go around the hill to find a ledge with a blue tarp and climb on it. On the left side is the first Ida’s Refuge Criptograma Chart.

You can see it below, and it is the Yaran Queen Butterfly.

Far Cry 6 Ida's Refuge First Criptograma Chart Location

Where To Find The Second Chart For The Ida’s Refuge Criptograma Chest

Good, so not that you got the first chart; let’s go after the second one.

From your current location (pictured above), look once more in the distance to spot a smaller island.

You can also see it in my image.

On the beach below you is a smaller dock. Take the Jet Ski and head east towards this island.

As you get close, you’ll see a small pole with some bells on it next to the fishing spot.

Check the next screenshot.

Far Cry 6 Ida's Refuge Criptograma Charts Locations

This specific pole basically marks your diving spot.

So, jump into the water and dive all the way down to the bottom of the ocean because the second Far Cry 6 Ida’s Refuge Criptograma Chart is underwater.

Far Cry 6 Ida's Refuge Second Criptograma Chart Location

This is the Shark Criptograma Chart and the last one you need.

Ida’s Refuge Locked Criptograma Chest Content

Awesome job! So now that you have both Charts head back to the chest.

As you can see, inside it is the Far Cry 6 Rioter Vest MK II, which works pretty well with the Helmet found in Verdera.

Far Cry 6 Ida's Refuge Criptograma Chest Charts Locations

Once you are done with this chest, it’s time to visit Concepcion in El Este and get the next one in order.

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