Far Cry 6 Bows Locations Guide: How To Get All 4

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
October 8, 2021

Silent and deadly, the Far Cry 6 Unique Bows, as well as the regular Bows, are mandatory if you want to approach Antón Castillo’s bases silently.

In the latest Far Cry video game published by Ubisoft, you can unlock 4 different Bows.

Two of them are Regular Bows which are quite easy to get, but the best ones are the Unique Bows, which require some exploration.

In case you need help finding them, below we’ll discuss the Far Cry 6 Bows locations so you can get them as fast as possible.

Far Cry 6 Unique Bows Locations Guide

Regular Far Cry 6 Bows

As said, the Regular Far Cry 6 Bows are the easiest to get. These bows are:

  • Recurve Bow
  • Compound Bow

If you check these out in your inventory, you’ll basically learn that you can get them from the FND caches (crates) or even faster by buying them from the Guerilla Garrison.

So basically, you’ll need to upgrade the Guerrilla Garrison building to Level 3, so you can buy all regular weapons, including the two bows mentioned above.

Unique Bows

The Unique Bows in Far Cry 6, however, have special requirements and specific locations since these two are part of the 49 Unique Weapons you must find in the game for the Armed to the Teeth trophy/achievement.

Let’s see where they are.


Hint: Search the jungles near Lapida Mogote

Where To Find: The Far Cry 6 Bullseye Unique Bow is found on the southwestern side of the El Este Region. Specifically in Sierra Perdida Province and Lappida Mogote Area.

As you can see on my map below, it’s found just north of Robusta Hills Checkpoint.

How To Get: When you reach the location marked on my map, by the road, you’ll see a lot of cages in a small restricted area.

The Yaran Contraband Chest containing the Bullseye Unique Bow is inside a cage.

 Shoot the gate, then claim this beautiful weapon.

El Capirote

Hint: Build and upgrade the Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility (Level 1)

Where To Find: The second Far Cry 6 Unique Bow is El Capirote, which is quite easy to find because you can get it at any Guerilla Camp. For example, the Montero Farm in Madrugada.

How To Get: After you unlock a Guerilla Camp, to get this bow, you’ll need to build the Hunting Lodge.

Approach the Foreman and simply ask him to build the said lodge that looks just like the one in my image below. Obviously, you’ll need materials.

Once you do that, the bow is automatically added to Dani’s Arsenal.

These are all 4 Far Cry 6  Bows locations or all Bows you can get at the time of writing, but more should become available in the future.

Until then, how about getting all Unique SMGs?

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