Far Cry 6 The Emerald Skull: Where To Find Halfmain’s Treasure

October 18, 2021

Following Dr. Halfmain’s Trail is the objective in Far Cry 6 The Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt featured in the El Este region of the video game developed by Ubisoft.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt is not as accessible as A Little Birdie Told Me; however, throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it, including how to follow Dr. Halfmain’s Trail and where to find the Emerald Skull treasure.

Even though the treasure is not a skull but a charm.

Far Cry 6 The Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt Guide

The Emerald Skull Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt becomes available in the El Este region.

Specifically in Concepcion, which is the largest town in the Conuco area.

Since Concepcion is an essential location for Dani’s story, this Treasure Hunt is impossible to miss.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt Guide

To start The Emerald Skull side-mission, head to the location marked on your map and look for the orange box pictured below.

You should be able to find it on top of a roof, on the western side of the city.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

From Dr. Halfmain’s Note, you’ll learn about his latest discovery which Castillo’s soldiers eventually shut down.

Your goal is to find Dr. Halfmain’s treasure and the first step is to reach Ominosa Cave.

The cave’s location is west of Concepcion, and it is marked on your map upon reading the note above.

How To Follow Dr. Halfmain’s Trail

When you enter Ominosa Cave, follow the first tunnel and get the Mimo Abosi’s Laugh Charm from the wooden table on the left side.

Next, cross the wooden planks, and you’ll find a larger flooded room.

Here, you’ll want to use the Grappling Point on the ceiling.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Guide

Pull yourself up, then swing, and land on the upper floor of the cave.

Now use the next Grappling Point, then swing and grapple again. Pull yourself once more to reach an upper ledge with a small altar on it.

Next to the altar, you should read a Discarded Letter because it tells you that Halfmain’s expedition had some severe problems after the soldiers started to freak out.

Capitan de la Cova left this note.

After reading it, follow the tunnel on the left while facing the altar and slide into the small pond below.

Now, you’ll want to emerge from the water and grab the ledge where you’ll see a soldier holding a green skull.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Walkthrough

Get the Unlucky Skull from the soldier, but immediately jump into the water behind you because the soldier drops a grenade that will cause severe damage.

The good thing here is that the grenade destroys the wooden wall behind the soldier and allows you to exit the cave.

Once you exit Ominosa Cave, the Treasure Hunt continues in Turey Caves, southwest of your current location.

Upon reaching Turey Caves, get inside and follow the main tunnel, which leads you to a stone door with an idol next to it.

Use the green Unlucky Skull you found earlier to open the Turey Caves stone door while standing next to the idol.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Turey Caves Idol Door

Head through the door, and you’ll reach a larger cave where you’ll be ambushed by some crocodiles.

Clear the area first; then, you’ll have to solve a small puzzle.

Turey Caves Puzzle Solution

To solve the Turey Caves puzzle, your objective is to reach the central platform where the Emerald Skull Treasure Chest is found.

What you need to do is to use the same Unlucky Skull near two Stone Idols.

So while standing at the entrance facing the central platform, head right and climb the ramp.

Now, look for the Grappling Point (pictured below) under the stone bridge leading to the treasure chest.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Turey Caves Puzzle Solution

Connect to the Grappling Point, then swing and detach when close to the platform with the Idol.

Display the Unlucky Skull when standing close to the Idol, then head back to the ground and the stairs on the right side.

On top of them, you’ll see the second Idol (pictured), which is easier to reach.

Far Cry 6 Turey Caves Puzzle Solution

Display the Skull while standing close to it, then keep following the path ahead to see a stone door that is opening.

Head through the said door, then grab the ledges on the right side and pull yourself up.

Keep pushing forward, and you’ll reach an upper cave with two traps. Destroy them, then shoot the wooden planks to clear the path ahead.

This path leads to the Idol in the center of the room, where the treasure chest (also pictured) awaits.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Chest Location

Upon opening the Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Chest, and claiming Ida’s War Dance Charm, make sure you also read the Quickly Scribbled Note on the ground to find out that Dr. Halfmain was a fraud and you are stepping on his corpse.  

Now that you are done with this Treasure Hunt, how about finding the Truest Yaran or the man obsessed with Castillo?

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