Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity Balancing Point Mindfuck: Where To Find Dr. Earnhardt’s Medicine

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November 17, 2021

Far Cry 6 Balancing Point Medicine or Dr. Earnhardt’s Medicine is your objective in one of the two Mindfuck missions featured in Vaas Insanity DLC, released by Ubisoft.

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity Balancing Point Mindfuck mission takes place in Dr. Earnhardt’s house, which is a strange place you’ll need to explore.

This mission features two tricky objectives:

  • Search Dr. Earnhardt’s house
  • Collect 3 medicine

Since the FC6 Balancing Point mission can be a bit challenging, throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you what you have to do to finish it.

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity Balancing Point Mindfuck Mission Location

As you can see on the map above, this FC6 Mindfuck Mission starts on the map’s northern side.

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity Balancing Point Guide

Your first goal here is to reach the mission’s location.

As you get close to the northern shore, you’ll find a floating house in the distance.

It is Dr. Earnhardt’s house, and your objective is to get inside. So, start swimming towards it.

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity Balancing Point Search Dr Earnhardt's House

Balancing Point – How To Search Dr. Earnhardt’s House

Now, if you climb on the porch and try opening any of the doors, you’ll find out that all of them are locked from the other side.

Alternatively, close to Dr. Earnhardt’s house is a greenhouse you may want to investigate. There are no collectibles here and no items you can pick; however, you’ll find three bowls of different colors on the table in the middle.

Inside them, you’ll need to place Dr. Earnhardt’s medicine.

To complete the Search Dr. Earnhardt’s House objective in Far Cry 6 Balancing Point, you’ll have to know that this house features two sections.

One of them is above the water, while the other one is underwater.

It is practically a mirror image, meaning that all doors you see on the surface also exist underwater.

Now, all you have to do is to submerge, and the first objective is complete; however, now you’ll be asked to find Collect The Medicine.

Far Cry 6 Balancing Point Search Dr Earnhardt's House

Vaas Insanity Balancing Point – How To Collect 3 Medicine

To collect 3 Medicine in Vaas Insanity Balancing Point Mindfuck mission, you must first find them. It is the trickiest part of this mission because you need to understand the mechanics of the mirror image.

Long story short, Dr. Earnhardt’s House doors can be unlocked only from the inside.

So basically, you’ll need to be inside the house but not on the surface. While the upper section is closed, the one underwater can be accessed, which means you’ll be inside the house.

Now, since you’ll be inside the house (while underwater), it means that you can unlock the doors from the other side; thus, you can get access to the same area but on the surface.

So let’s get the medicine.

Medicine #1

To get the first medicine, dive and go around the house, looking for a window that allows you to access the living room.

As you can see, the medicine is sitting on a table in the middle of the room.

This is the only Balancing Point Medicine found underwater.

Far Cry 6 Balancing Point Search Dr Earnhardt's House

Medicine #2

Good, now from your current location (underwater living room), head through the door in front of you to enter a study.

On the left side, you’ll find a door you can unlock.

Do this, then head outside and emerge. Now turn around, and you’ll see that you just unlocked the front door.

Head inside the house, and on the right side, pick the Diary Page on the desk by the window as it is one of the 10 Vaas Insanity Diary Pages collectibles.

Next, head inside the kitchen, and on the round table by the window, you’ll find the second medicine.

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity Balancing Point Medicine Locations

Medicine #3

The last medicine is in the attic on the second floor. 

To get it, you’ll have to dive once more, then go around the house and find the bedroom.

The moment you enter the window, unlock the door in front of you.

Now, head back to the surface and from the living room, follow the stairs to the second floor. You’ll find the medicine on a couch by the window.

Far Cry 6 Balancing Point Medicine Locations

Great, so now that you found all of Dr. Earnhardt’s drugs, return to the greenhouse and place them in the colored bowls on the table by interacting with them.

Once you do that, the Far Cry 6 Balancing Point Vaas Insanity Mindfuck mission is complete.

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