Far Cry 6 Stealing Home Legendary Baseball Memorabilia: Where To Find The Glove, Jersey & Jock Strap

Written by Vlad Susanu
October 21, 2021

Far Cry 6 Legendary Baseball Memorabilia consists of three items you have to find while exploring Yara if you wish to finish the Stealing Home Yaran Story in Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry video game.

The Far Cry 6 Stealing Home Legendary Baseball Memorabilia are scattered around the three main regions in the game, and these items are:

  • A Baseball Glove
  • A Baseball Jersey
  • A Baseball Jock Strap

Although the FC6 Stealing Home Yaran Story may look complicated, you can complete it right away if you know the locations of all 3 Legendary Baseball Memorabilia.

As such, throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you where to find the Glove, Jersey & Jock Strap for the Stealing Home side-mission.

Far Cry 6 Stealing Home Yaran Story Guide

As you can see on the map below, the Stealing Home Far Cry 6 Yaran Story starts in Cruz Del Salvador, an area of Valle De Oro.

Far Cry 6 Stealing Home Yaran Story Guide

Moreover, this Yaran Story requires your presence on the Segunda Field or the baseball field east of Segunda Town.

The quest giver (also pictured) is Freddy Fonseca Jr.

Far Cry 6 Stealing Home Yaran Story Walkthrough

Upon talking to Freddy Fonseca Jr., you’ll find out that his father was a famous baseball player.

Since he passed away, Freddy wants you to recover his father’s equipment and deliver it to a shrine.

By completing this side-mission, Freddy Fonseca Jr. will join Libertad as one of the Bandido Leaders. 

Additionally, you’ll also get:

  • 100 XP
  • Fuerza Beisbol (Head Gear)
  • Baseball Bat (Charm)

Good, so your job is to retrieve all three items for Freddy. Let’s see where they are.

Legendary Baseball Memorabilia Locations

All three Far Cry 6 Legendary Baseball Memorabilia are found within Military Territories or areas controlled by Castillo’s forces.

Furthermore, all of them are behind locked doors, so there are three possible methods to get them:

  • Clear the bases and automatically get all keys to open the locked doors
  • Deal with the commanders within these military bases and get the keys from them
  • Get the keys while remaining hidden (recommended)

Last but not least, you can obtain the Legendary Baseball Memorabilia items in any order you want.

Where To Find The Baseball Jock Strap

The first Legendary Baseball Memorabilia you can get is the Far Cry 6 Jock Strap, found in Madrugada.

As you can see in my screenshots below, this item is in the Espinosa University Classroom, but to get inside, you need the Classroom Keycard, as explained here.

The Jock Strap is next to a yellow hazmat suit in a frame on the wall.

Where To Find The Baseball Glove Memorabilia

The second item is the Baseball Glove found in El Este Region.

Again on the map below, you can see that you need to visit the CCE Electrical Station 31 west of The People’s Pride Clinic.

The Far Cry 6 Baseball Glove is inside the locked office, which requires the Office Keycard covered in this guide.

Like the previous item, you’ll find this on the wall.

Where To Find The Baseball Jersey Legendary Memorabilia

Last but not least, you’ll need to retrieve the Baseball Jersey in the Valle De Oro Region.

Specifically, you have to get to the FND Special Forces Base on the northern shore and get the Armory Keycard explained here.

The Baseball Jersey is in a frame on the wall near some green lockers inside the FND Special Forces Base Armory.

How To Finish The Stealing Home Yaran Story

Once you recover all three Legendary Baseball Memorabilia, you’ll receive a call from Freddy, and he’ll ask you to deliver them to a shrine in Feroza.

Feroza is a town northwest of Segunda.

Far Cry 6 Legendary Baseball Memorabilia Locations

In Feroza, all you have to do is find the shrine inside the blue building by the road and place all three items on it.

You can do this by interacting with the said shrine.

Far Cry 6 Legendary Baseball Memorabilia Where To Find

The Far Cry 6 Stealing Home Yaran Story is complete now, and Freddy joins Libertad while his father can rest in peace.

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