Far Cry 6 Sureno Shipyards FND Chest: How To Get

by Vlad
October 17, 2021

Like Valle Prehistorico, Far Cry 6 Sureno Shipyards is a Military Target and an FND Base set by Castillo’s army in El Este.

To liberate the El Este region, your goal is to capture this base, and while doing so, you’ll also want to collect the Far Cry 6 Sureno Shipyards Chest we’ll cover below.

To do that, assuming you approach this base silently, you’ll need to find the Sureno Shipyards Office Key.

On top of this, here you’ll find one of the 15 USB Sticks.

Far Cry 6 Sureno Shipyards Chest Location

Sureno Shipyards is found on the southwestern coast of Sierra Perdida.

Look for it south of Robustas Hills Checkpoint, as you can see on my map.

Far Cry 6 Sureno Shipyards Chest Location

Since this is a large open area, silently taking out all Castillo’s soldiers should be a breeze.

There are a lot of vantage points here, and you’ll most likely secure this place undetected.

While exploring this landmark, make sure you find the locked office door in my screenshot.

As you can see, the office building is white, and it is next to the large ship built here.

Far Cry 6 Sureno Shipyards Office Key Location

Where To Find The Sureno Shipyards Office Key

Again, as with most locked doors in FND Bases, to open the one at Sureno Shipyards, you can:

  • Capture the base by dealing with all soldiers
  • Find it within the base

In this case, the Far Cry 6 Shipyards Office Key is found inside the guard post near the facility’s entrance.

Check the small gray building, and you’ll find it near a laptop (pictured).

far cry 6 sureno shipyards office locked door how to open - GameClubz

One thing you may want to remember here is that even if you decide to get the key automatically by killing all enemies, you’ll still want to check the guardpost because, on the other desk, you’ll find a USB Stick which is a collectible.

Finally, after you get the key, check the white office to claim the FND Chest under the whiteboard, then head towards Gran Roca Telecom Station for the next one.

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