Far Cry 6 Unique Rifles Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
October 22, 2021

Dani’s Arsenal in Far Cry 6 includes 12 Unique Rifles and 12 Regular Rifles waiting to be unlocked and used against Castillo’s soldiers.

While most of the Regular Rifles can be purchased or are unlocked automatically by completing specific missions, the Far Cry 6 Unique Rifles require a bit of effort and exploration.

As such, throughout the guide below, we’ll cover all Far Cry 6 Unique Rifles locations so that you can get them as soon as possible.

Far Cry 6 Unique Rifles Locations Guide

Regular Far Cry 6 Rifles

Before talking about the Unique Rifles, it’s also worth mentioning the Far Cry 6 Standard Rifles you can unlock, even though you don’t need them for any achievement or trophy.

The complete list of Standard Far Cry 6 Rifles includes:

  • 45/70-T – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • AK-47 – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • AK-M – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • BP-2 – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • BP-RUC –Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • AS VAL – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • MS16 L – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • SKS – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • SSGP-58 – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • FAL – Unlocks automatically during the game’s Prologue 
  • MS16 S – Unlocks automatically during the game’s Prologue
  • AR-C –  A Little Birdie Told Me Treasure Hunt Reward
  • M16 A1 – High Supply Treasure Hunt Reward
  • Croc Hunter Custom – Part of the Croc Hunter Pack 

As you can see, a large number of Standard Rifles can be bought in case you don’t want to look for them inside the chests scattered around Yara.

Unique Rifles

The Far Cry 6 Unique Rifles, on the other hand, are superior weapons, and these are mandatory for the Armed to the Teeth trophy and achievement.

They can be found inside Yaran Contraband Chests at specific locations, and as you are about to see, some are easier to find, while others are trickier.

All you need to do is open the corresponding chests for those who can be found in plain sight; however, below, you’ll also find dedicated guides for the most challenging Unique Rifles.

Let’s see where they are.

Viva Libertad

Hint: Search the Punto Norte Lighthouse in Prado Meadows

Where To Find: Far Cry 6 Viva Libertad Unique Rifle is on the northern side of Isla Santuario.

As you can see on my map below, it’s in the Vencejo Region on the northernmost point of Cayo Segura Peninsula.

How To Get: This unique rifle is extremely easy to get since you can actually unlock it the moment you are allowed to free roam.

Simply head to the location on my map, and in front of the Lighthouse, you’ll see a pink cabin.

Head inside through the front door (there is a flamingo in front of it), then turn right to spot the Yaran Contraband Chest near the dining table.

Fuck Anton

Hint: Search Guau-Guau Island

Where To Find: For the Far Cry 6 Fuck Anton Rifle, you’ll need to find the Guau-Guau Island locked chest (pictured below).

How To Get: To open this specific chest, you’ll need to get the Mysterious Key.

This item is obtained while playing the Fetch Quest. If you need help with it, follow this guide.

Surf & Turf

Hint: Complete the Treasure Hunt Crocodile Tears in Cobre Shores

Where To Find: This weapon is in Madrugada Region at the Ortega Croc Farm, pictured on the map below.

How To Get: To collect the Surf & Turf Unique Rifle, you’ll have to find Luis’s Stash, which requires Luis’s Key.

Check this guide if you need help with this Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt that is both sad and hilarious at the same time.

Death Rites

Hint: Search Maldito

Where To Find: The Death Rites Rifle is found in Maldito, in El Este Region. Maldito is the small town in the bottom right corner of your map.

How To Get: When you reach the location marked on my map, you’ll notice that Maldito is partially flooded. It is a deserted town.

To find the weapon, look for the most prominent house with a roof made of straws or grass. Inside is the Yaran Contraband Chest (also pictured), and next to it, you’ll see a pile of corpses. 

Camo Quinceanera

Hint: Complete the Treasure Hunt A Rising Tide in Robustas Hills

Where To Find: The Camo Quinceanera Unique Rifle is in Yarabi, a small town in southern El Este. Its location is marked on the map below.

How To Get: This weapon comes as a reward for finishing A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt. At the end of the mission, you’ll open the Yarabi Village Stash.

If you need help with this side mission, check this comprehensive guide.

Noblesse Oblige

Hint: Search the Museum of the false Revolution in Isabel Steppes

Where To Find: Also, in El Este, you can find the Noblesse Oblige Unique Rifle. The weapon is in the Museum of the False Revolution, marked on my map below.

How To Get: The rifle doesn’t require a key, so all you need to do is to grab it from the display in the southwestern room.

Vaya Con Dios

Hint: Search Gabriel Castillo Airport in Mirador Cape

Where To Find: Gabriel Castillo Airport is found on the eastern coast of El Este, while the Yaran Contraband Chest with this weapon is on top of the airport’s control tower.

How To Get: After you finish the Codename: Coquette Ambush at this location, follow the stairs to the top floor of the control tower and claim the stash that’s sitting on the central desk.


Hint: Search the Roco Pequena Sat Station in Fernando Valley

Where To Find: Far Cry 6 Sharkbite Unique Rifle is inside the Roca Pequena Sat Station in El Este. It is a Military Base you’ll need to claim for Libertad.

How To Get: To get this weapon, you’ll need the Roca Pequena Sat Station Office Keycard, which is obtained automatically by liberating the base. Alternatively, you can find it inside the large office in the lower section of the camp.

The Yaran Contrabnd Chest is inside the small building near the guard tower on top of the hill.


Hint: Search El Rancho Bicho in Cielo Gardens

Where To Find: Far Cry 6 Hi-Fi Unique Rifle is in Valle De Oro Region and Noventarmas area. You’ll find it inside the house at El Rancho Bicho.

How To Get: This location is reached while meeting Bicho during Radio Libertad Main Operation. Look for the weapon inside the house by the bed.


Hint: Search the La Divinidad Cathedral in Old Pueblo

Where To Find: Zona-51 Unique Rifle is in Esperanza Region, on top of La Divinidad Cathedral (see the map below).

How To Get: This opening requires La Divinidad Cathedral Bell Tower Key to open the locked door on the cathedral’s roof.

Refer to this guide if you need help obtaining the key.


Hint: Search the shipping yards in Esperanza

Where To Find: Also in Esperanza but on the southeastern coast, you can find the Urushi Unique Rifle.

How To Get: Unlike the previous rifle, you don’t need a key to obtain it.

Travel to the location on my map and look for it behind a building by the docks. Nearby you can also see a wooden crate.

One Ping Only

Hint: Complete the Main Story Operation The Lion’s Den

Where To Find: This open is obtained automatically, so you don’t need to look for it.

How To Get: It is one of the weapons you’ll get when starting The Lion’s Den Main Operation. Complete the mission, and you’ll get to keep it.

Far Cry 6 One Ping Only Unique Rifle Location

These are all Standard and Unique Rifles included in Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry game, so once you get them, you may want to look for the Unique LMGs explained here.

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