Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch: How To Reach The Stash

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October 15, 2021

Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch is a Treasure Hunt and a side-mission very similar to A Rising Tide, meaning that it requires you to solve a puzzle to retrieve a stash left behind by the Legends.

The main difference is that the Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch Treasure Hunt is way easier than A Rising Tide, and you can complete it faster.

Regardless though, throughout the guide below, I’ll walk you through this Far Cry 6 side-mission and tell you where to find the three switches so you can claim the stash in Ubisoft’s latest release.

Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch Treasure Hunt Guide

On the map below, you can see that Passing The Torch Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt becomes available in the El Este region.

Specifically northeast of Patriots Peak Guerilla Camp, in the small area known as Felicidad.

Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch Guide

After you reach this location, first look for the orange box with a note inside.

You can see it in my screenshot, and it’s in front of a red house.

Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch Walkthrough

Once you read the Passing The Torch Note, you’ll learn that the Survivors of the ’67 Revolution left it for you.

In the note, they tell you that they also left a cache of supplies nearby.

To get it, however, you need to flip three switches.

Let’s see where to find them.

Where To Find The 3 Passing The Torch Switches

To make the guide easier to follow, we’ll start with the switch closest to the mission’s starting point.

Switch #1

From the red house where you found the note, head towards the top of the hill, and on the right side, you’ll see a yellow house.

Go around it and close to the ground; you’ll see a wooden board like the one below.

Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch Treasure Hunt Switches Locations

Shoot it, then climb inside the house to find the first switch (which is, in fact, a lever) by the door.

Now exit the house through the same hole.

Switch #2

From the last switch, keep moving toward the top of the hill, and you’ll see a house painted green.

Again go around it, then in the upper area, look for a wooden plank.

Walk on it, then go around the corner and jump on the platforms under the windows (pictured).

Now, enter the house through the window.

Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch Switches Locations

The lever is on the left side of the house the moment you enter.

Switch #3

For the last switch, you’ll need to reach the top of the hill.

Here, you’ll see a pink house that is impossible to miss.

Except that this time the switch is not in the house but in the shack outside.

Shoot the door (pictured) and pull the lever.

far cry 6 passing the torch levers locations - GameClubz

Passing The Torch – How To Open The Locked Door

Good job! So now that you have found all three switches, it’s time to open the locked door and collect the reward.

Start descending the hill, but before going to the house where you found the note, check the right side for one last lever you need to pull.

You can see it below, and all three lights should be green.

Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch Locked Door How To Open

Once you pull the last lever, turn around and enter the house to claim the chest.

As you can see, inside, you’ll find the Fifteen Wishes Wrist Gear, but there are additional Crafting Materials as well. Don’t miss them.

Far Cry 6 Passing The Torch Locked Door Stash How To Open

After you finish the Passing The Torch Treasure Hunt, make sure you check on Danilo to start A Little Birdie Told Me.

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