Far Cry 6 High Supply: How To Get Air Drop Supplies

Written by Vlad Susanu
October 15, 2021

Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt is a side-mission that requires you to reach some Air Drop Supplies and claim them for Libertad when exploring Madrugada.

The Far Cry 6 High Supply Air Drop also unlocks the M16A1 Rifle; hence it is mandatory to reach it.

Since this is one of the 21 Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunts, the guide below explains how to complete it or reach the airdrop in the game published by Ubisoft.

Similar to the previous Treasure Hunt (Ida’s Triada Relic), the High Supply mission mainly focuses on exploration and testing Dani’s skills. 

Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt Guide

The High Supply Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt starts northeast of Verdera, as you can see on my map below.

Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt Guide

As usual, to trigger this mission, you’ll need to find the note in the orange box.

In this case, the box is found next to one of Castillo’s soldiers who tried to reach the Air Drop and miserably failed.

Read the High Supply Note left by the True Yaran, then get ready to climb the mountain.

Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

High Supply: How To Reach The Air Drop Supplies

To get the AirDrop Supplies in Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt, your goal is to ascend the “not so small” mountain behind the corpse above.

So start climbing the first ledge, then the one on the left side.

Now keep following the path on the left until you reach the mountain wall in my screenshot.

Here as you can see, you have two Grappling Points.

Use the Grappling Hook to move from one point to another.

Far Cry 6 High Supply Air Drop Location

In the next area, follow the linear path and cross the blue planks, then you’ll enter a cave.

Use the Grappling Point on the cave’s upper wall, and then you’ll reach a gap.

Here you’ll want to turn left to spot some ledges you can climb.

Far Cry 6 High Supply Air Drop Location Guide

From the upper ledge, jump on the other side of the tunnel (right side), then push forward and turn around to spot another ledge on the left side.

After you jump, drop into the cave below and use the next Grappling Point.

While swinging, connect to the second Grappling Point, then detach while above the ground.

Now, you’ll want to repeat the procedure on the following two Grappling Points and exit the cave. 

If you are stuck, make sure you melee the vines. 

Once outside the cave, turn left, climb the vines nearby, then grapple again.

In the next area is a large gap that can be crossed by grappling and detaching when you reach the other side.

Climb the next vine, and you’ll get to a dead end. This is the trickiest part of this Treasure Hunt.

Far Cry 6 High Supply Find A Way To Get Supplies

As you can see in my image above, to get to the Far Cry 6 Air Drop Supplies, you have to destroy the red net on the mountain’s wall.

This action releases the stones and clears the path ahead. Shoot it or set it on fire.

After you release the stones, climb the next three ledges, and you’ll reach the Air Drop (also pictured).

Far Cry 6 High Supply Reach Air Drop

Get close to the Air Drop, and secure it to finish the Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt and unlock the M16 A1 Standard Rifle (see how to get all Unique Rifles here).

After collecting this weapon, travel to El Este to solve A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt, which is a bit trickier.

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