Far Cry 6 Wingsuit: How To Get & Unlocking Conditions

by Vlad
October 7, 2021

Unlocking the Far Cry 6 Wingsuit as soon as possible is mandatory if you want to explore Yara quickly, mainly because it is one of the fastest ways to move around the luxurious island in the latest video game developed by Ubisoft.

The Wingsuit in Far Cry 6, though, has some requirements, and as you’ll notice, it won’t be available the moment you start the game.

This leads to the obvious question: How do you get the Far Cry 6 Wingsuit, or how do you unlock it? 

Well, even though you won’t be able to fly around right away, this upgrade can be unlocked quite early in the video game.

So let’s see what you have to do.

Far Cry 6 Wingsuit How To Get

How To Unlock The Far Cry 6 Wingsuit

To get the awesome flying suit in the image above, you’ll have to complete the Prologue.

Or simply put, you have to reach Yara’s mainland upon leaving the starting area.

As you’ll notice, Yara’s mainland is divided into three large territories, and you’ll have to conquer all of them as part of the story.

In each territory, Dani can establish a base at specific locations:

  • In Madrugada, your base is at Montero Farm
  • In Valle De Oro, Dani’s HQ is at Camp Maximas
  • In El Este, you’ll establish your camp at Patriotas Peak

Now, if you wonder how to establish a camp in a Far Cry 6 region, then the answer is simple.

Complete the first main quest in that region.

It’s worth knowing that after the Prologue, you can approach any region you want because the game, or the world if you want, opens up for exploration.

So the very first step in getting the Wingsuit in Far Cry 6 is to reach the mainland and gain access to a camp. Any camp you want.

By doing so, you’ll unlock the option to buy various upgrades and buildings.

Far Cry 6 Wingsuit How To Unlock

How To Get The Wingsuit

Assuming your main priority is to get the Wingsuit, the next step upon claiming a base is to look for the Foreman.

Each camp has one, and the Foreman is the guy responsible for your camp’s buildings.

Even though he’s not an architect, he’ll help you improve Dani’s base.

For a cost, obviously, because nothing is free in this life. Not even on Yara.

So talk to the Foreman and look for the Hideout Network because this specific building unlocks the Far Cry 6 Wing Suit.

As mentioned, the Foreman needs materials to build the Hideout Network.

Specifically, he needs:

  • 30 Metal
  • 30 Gasoline

The good thing is that the number of materials is rather low, and they are quite common.

Additionally, both Metal and Gasoline are usually found inside bases controlled by your enemies, which means that they are pretty easy to get.

So, if you don’t have them, focus on taking down camps.

Once you build the Far Cry 6 Hideout Network, the Wingsuit is unlocked.

You don’t have to buy it, and you don’t have to equip it. Using it, though, is a bit trickier. Unless you want to see how Dani looks like when she hits the ground at high speed. 

Wingsuit: How To Use

Good, so now that you know how to unlock the Wing Suit, it’s time to learn how to spread your gliding wings.

To glide in Far Cry 6, first, you’ll have to fly (obviously). You can do this by ejecting from any aircraft you want.

When you are in the air, press the left stick on your controller to deploy the wingsuit.

What makes the Wingsuit so important, though, is the option to AirDrop at specific locations.

The Far Cry 6 Air Drop option, however, is not possible if there are any AA guns nearby, so try to take them out before doing any air stunts.

Last but not least, once you activate the Wingsuit, it’s worth knowing that you won’t be able to safely land without a parachute, so don’t forget to activate it when close to the ground. 

This rule applies on all platforms (PC, Xbox & PlayStation) because gravity is important, even on Yara.

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