Far Cry 6 Truest Yaran: How To Access The Manager’s Office

Written by Vlad Susanu
October 22, 2021

Far Cry 6 Truest Yaran, or The Truest Yaran, is a Treasure Hunt that requires you to access the manager’s office in Gran Finca Power Station.

Far Cry 6 The Truest Yaran may look a bit difficult to finish at first, but if you follow this guide, you’ll get to complete it in less than 3 minutes.

On top of this, you’ll also get to know one of Castillo’s biggest fans. A True Yaran!

So, let’s see how to access the Gran Finca Power Station manager’s office in Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry video game.

Far Cry 6 The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt Guide

As you can see on the map below, The Truest Yaran Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt takes place in Valle De Oro Region.

Precisely in the Noventarmas area, at Gran Finca Power Station.

The Power Station is very easy to find at the location on my map.

Far Cry 6 Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt Guide

Once you get to Gran Finca Power Station, your next goal is to start the Treasure Hunt by reading the note in the orange box by the front door.

You can also see it in my screenshot.

Far Cry 6 Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

The note above was left by J. Aguila, the Gran Finca Power Station manager, who terminated all employees because they messed with the goods inside his office.

That’s where you need to get, but to do so, first, you need to find a way inside Gran Finca Power Station since, well, the main entrance was blocked by the manager.

Just so you know, the Truest Yaran is the manager, and you’ll see why in a second.

How To Get Inside Gran Finca Power Station

To get inside Far Cry 6 Gran Finca Power Station, you have two options, but we’ll go over the closest one for obvious reasons.

Once you read the note and start The Truest Yaran side-mission, head east towards the dam with many pipes.

Jump down and look for a tunnel between two pipes. That’s your way inside the station.

Far Cry 6 Truest Yaran Guide

Follow the main tunnel, then climb the ladder, and enter through the southern door.

After you climb another ladder, open the hatch above, and you’ll be inside the Power Station.

Now, you’ll want to read another note found on the control station on the second floor (pictured).

Far Cry 6 Truest Yaran Walkthrough

Aguila also wrote the Strongly Worded Note on the desk above, but this one is addressed to Pacho, who forgot to clear the pipes.

This is your next objective, and if you pull the orange lever near the same desk, you’ll see that nothing happens.

Normally that lever should open the door to the manager’s office.

Where To Find The Blockages In The Pipes

Good, so now that you know what you have to do next, let’s see the fastest way to clear the pipes.

Head back down from the top floor, then look around to see a hole behind two fences (pictured).

Far Cry 6 Truest Yaran Pipes Blockages Locations

Once you descend the ladder above, you’ll have to move pretty fast.

So take a deep breath and submerge, then look down to spot another hole in the floor.

This one is on the lowest section underwater.

Far Cry 6 Truest Yaran Where To Find Pipes Blockages

Swim through the hole above, then in the following area, immediately identify the open pipe (pictured).

Melee the dirt as fast as possible, and the water will drain almost instantly.

Truest Yaran Far Cry 6 Walkthrough

How To Access The Manager’s Office

Awesome! So now that you have restored the power, the manager’s office should open without any problems.

So, use the ladders nearby to head back to the console where you found the second note. On your way back, make sure you thoroughly explore the area.

Then, pull the lever by the console to see the Gran Finca Power Station Manager’s Office Door opening.

Head inside, and you’ll discover that Aguila is obsessed with Castillo since, well, he has an altar with the president. 

Again, take your time exploring this room, and when you are ready to finish The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt, open the chest on top of the stairs.

Far Cry 6 Ture Loyalist Unique Shotgun Location

By completing this Treasure Hunt, you’ll unlock one of the 49 Unique Weapons in the video game and one of the 7 Unique Shotguns.

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