Far Cry 6 Unique Sniper Rifles Locations Guide

by Vlad
October 21, 2021

While exploring Yara, you can unlock a total of 5 Far Cry 6 Unique Sniper Rifles by finding the corresponding Yaran Contraband Chests.

These weapons are more effective than the regular Sniper Rifles Dani can use, but they are trickier to get.

Since the Yaran Contraband Chests are scattered around Yara’s regions, knowing their locations is mandatory in obtaining all Unique Far Cry 6 Sniper Rifles.

Throughout the guide below, though, I’ll tell you how to get all of them.

Far Cry 6 Unique Sniper Rifles Locations

Regular Far Cry 6 Sniper Rifles

Before moving to the best Far Cry 6  Sniper Rifles, it’s worth mentioning that you can also get 4 Regular Sniper Rifles.

The list includes:

  • Yaran SR-A
  • .308 Carbine
  • SVD
  • MBP .50

The good thing about these weapons is that you can purchase all of them from the Guerrilla Garrison if you don’t want to explore the world.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend your money, you can look for them inside FND Chests inside Military Bases.

Since there are more FND Chests than weapons, getting them is an accessible task.

Unique Sniper Rifles

Now let’s move to the best Sniper Rifles in Far Cry 6 or the Unique Weapons that make sniping an art.

As you’ll see, these can be obtained as rewards or by opening specific Yaran Contraband Chests.

Here is how to get all of them.

Double Clutch

Hint: Complete a Gran Premio Race

Where To Find: The Far Cry 6 Double Clutch Unique Sniper Rifle is the most accessible because it unlocks after finishing your very first Gran Premio Race. It can be in any region of the game.

How To Get: If you want to get it as fast as possible, head to Madrugada and finish the International Waters Relay Gran Premio Race at the location on my map below. 

El Depredador

Hint: Build and upgrade the Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility to Level 3

Where To Find: Similar to the previous rifle, the Far Cry 6 El Depredador Unique Sniper Rifle comes as a reward for upgrading the Hunting Lodge to Level 3.

How To Get: Head to the Guerrilla Camp where you built the Hunting Lodge, then talk to the Foreman. Spend 200 Medicine and 200 Metal to upgrade the said building, and the rifle is yours to keep.

Sobek Special

Hint: Complete the Treasure Hunt Cache Money in Oasis Plains

Where To Find: As the hint indicates, the Far Cry 6 Sobek Special Sniper Rifle is in Oasis Plains. This area is part of Aguas Lindas in Madrugada.

How To Get: To unlock this weapon, you’ll need to finish the Cache Money Treasure Hunt.

It is one of the trickiest Treasure Hunts, so refer to this guide if you need help with it. The weapon is in a secret room in Bunker 2.

The Transubstantiator

Hint: Search the True Yaran Academy in Cielo Gardens

Where To Find: The Transubstantiator is in Valle De Oro Region and Noventarmas area. First, you’ll need to get to the True Yaran Academy marked on the map below.

How To Get: The weapon is underground, in a sewer that can be accessed via a maintenance hole above the weapon’s location.

However, you can also get to it via a tunnel east of the academy, close to the river.

El Tirano

Hint: Search the Escila Fort in Ventosa Peninsula

Where To Find: El Tirano Unique Sniper Rifle is on top of the Escila Fort lighthouse in northern Valle De Oro

How To Get: To get the weapon, you have to use the ladder to get on top of the watchtower, then use the Grapple Point on top of the lighthouse.

Pull yourself up, and then go around the central structure to spot the Yaran Contrabnad Chest.

These are all Sniper Rifles you can get in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6; however, now you may want to learn how to get all Unique Rifles.

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