Far Cry 6 Long Drop: How To Get The Santos Espinosa Dam Worker’s Key

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
October 22, 2021

Getting the Santos Espinosa Dam Worker’s Key or the Dam Shed Keycard is your objective in the Far Cry 6 The Long Drop Treasure Hunt we’ll cover in the guide below.

While at first, the Far Cry 6 Long Drop Treasure Hunt may look a bit difficult to complete, it is, in fact, one of the most exciting Treasure Hunts in Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry game.

So, let’s see how you get the worker’s key and the stash at Santos Espinosa Dam.

Far Cry 6 The Long Drop Treasure Hunt Guide

The map below shows that Santos Espinosa Dam, where The Long Drop Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt takes place, is in El Este.

Specifically in the La Joya area, close to Pequeno Reservoir.

Far Cry 6 Long Drop Treasure Hunt Guide

Again, to start the Treasure Hunt, your first goal is to find the note inside the orange box pictured below.

As you can notice, it’s near a locked door. Behind it, your reward awaits, except that to open the Santos Espinosa Dam locked door, you’ll need a key.

Far Cry 6 Long Drop Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Upon reading The Long Drop Note left by Rafael, you’ll understand that there is a storeroom with some military supplies behind the door nearby.

A copy of the key exists, and someone named Rafael has it. Finally, you can learn that the dam is broken. These are the hints offered by the note.

So let’s find Rafael and get the key.

Long Drop – How To Reach The Stash

To complete this Treasure Hunt, you should know that there are specific steps that you must follow.

That’s because you can’t retrieve the worker’s key without completing a small puzzle.

As such, try to respect the same path outlined below.

  • Upon reading the note above, climb the ladder behind you and cross the dam
  • Once you reach the other side, descend the next ladder, then head to the middle of the dam to see Rafael hanging 
  • He’ll eventually drop, and so is the key he carries

Now, your objective is to reach Rafael, but you can’t do this as long as the water flows. So stopping the dam is what you have to do next.

Good, now turn around and head south to find the dam’s control room.

Go around it, and you’ll see that the building’s door is closed.

Luckily there is a grated window (pictured), and you can shoot the locker on the other side.

Far Cry 6 Long Drop Guide

Once you shoot the locker, jump on the roof and drop on the other side.

Now you’ll be inside the Santos Espinosa Dam Control Room, where the magic happens. 

Or where a puzzle awaits.

The Long Drop Puzzle Solution – How To Stop The Water

To solve the puzzle at Santos Espinosa Dam, first, you’ll want to read the Scribbled Instructions on the console in the side room.

There are four steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Activate the sluice control by the calendar – To do this, head to the main room, then turn right and find the calendar near the window. Press the red button on the yellow console.
Far Cry 6 Long Drop Activate Sluice Control By Calendar
  • Press the button on the side of the hydraulic monitoring machines – For this, you have to turn around and find the monitoring machines (pictured below). There is a fan on top of them.
Far Cry 6 Long Drop Press Button On Hydraulic Monitoring Machines
  • Turn the pressure valve – Now, head right, and you’ll see an orange valve behind the machines above. Turn it.
Far Cry 6 Long Drop Turn Pressure Valve
  • Go back to the console and hit the last button -Finally, head back to the console and press the button pictured below to stop the water and finish the puzzle.
Far Cry 6 Long Drop Puzzle Solution

Awesome, so now that you stopped the water, it’s time to get the worker’s key.

How To Get The Dam Shed Keycard

With the water stopped, head back to the dam where you saw Rafael falling.

Look up, and you’ll see a Grappling Point (pictured).

Far Cry 6 Long Drop Dam Shed Keycard Location

Use the Grappling Point to descend the dam where Rafael fell and balance to reach him.

Now loot his corpse to get the Far Cry 6 Dam Shed Keycard.

Ascend to the upper section of the dam, then head back to the shed where you found the orange box.

Open the shed, and inside you’ll find the Excavation Execution Shotgun.

Far Cry 6 Excavation Execution Shotgun Location

Excavation Execution is one of the 49 Unique Weapons in Far Cry 6 and one of the 7 Unique Shotguns Dani can use.

After you get this one, head to Calavera Cave to unlock a new Unique Weapon that is far more powerful.

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  1. Actually you can get the key without having to get into the control room. You simply need to drop down to the pile of rocks and stone where the guy drops and stand there a moment to make sure your not being dragged down with the water. Then let yourself get caught in the water so you go past Raphael. Time it right and you can get the key. You know you got it when Dani says, “You don’t need this key anymore”
    The only thing is that it might have broken the game because after I got the key I couldn’t get into the control room even though I shot the locks off of both doors.


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