Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chest: How To Unlock

by Vlad
October 12, 2021

Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chest is the fourth Madrugada Criptograma Chest you can unlock the moment you reach the large town in Lozania.

Compared to the previous one we have covered (the one in Poesia), the Criptograma Chest in Verdera is more accessible, but it focuses on a specific path you have to follow.

As you probably guess, it follows the same logic as all FC6 Critprograma Chests (see their locations here), meaning that in order to unlock it, you must find the two hidden Criptograma Charts.

Let’s see how you can do this.

Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chest Location

As you can see on the map below, the Far Cry 6 Criptograma Chest in Verdera is found on the northeastern side of the city.

Just so you know, Verdera is reached during the story, one of the most important events involving the Monteros taking place here.

Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chest Location

When you reach the location marked on the map, look for a gas station.

As you can see, the chest is found on top of the station.

Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chest How To Unlock

To get there, climb on the lower roof above the station’s entrance.

Simply jump and climb, then head to the platform where the chest is found. There is a ladder that can be used to get there.

Now, approach the chest, and you’ll see that you need once again two hidden Criptograma Charts. Don’t worry as they are very close.

Where To Find The First Criptograma Chart For The Verdera Chest

While standing in front of the chest, you can actually see the first Verdera Criptograma Chart.

It is the El Trompo Chart.

Pay close attention to the image below, and notice that behind the chest is a green building. On the roof, you can spot a blue container.

The chart is there and can be easily reached by jumping on the next roof.

Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chart Location

Where To Find The Second Chart For The Verdera Criptograma Chest

After you collect the first Verdera Chart, simply look in the distance to spot the next one, which is also on the roof of a house, pinned on a blue container.

You can see it marked in my image. 

Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Charts Locations

To reach it, jump on the roof behind the first Chart.

Now, head left on the next roof and use the wooden platform with a blue tarp on it to pull yourself up.

Now, you’ll want to follow the blue wooden platforms that will take you straight to the second Verdera Chest Criptograma Chart, which is Sunrise Mariposa Flower.

Verdera Criptograma Chest Content

Good job! So now that you got both charts let’s head back to the chest and open it to find out what Ubisoft’s devs placed inside.

Simply retrace your steps to the gas station, jump on the lower roof, then use the same ladder to get to the chest.

Open it, and inside you’ll find the Rioter Helmet MK II, as you can see in my screenshot.

Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chest Charts Locations

Now, if you are looking for the last piece of this set, head to Ida’s Refuge to get the Rioter Vest MK II.

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