Far Cry 6 How To: Unlock Poesia Criptograma Chest

by Vlad
October 9, 2021

Another Far Cry 6 Criptograma Chest you can find in Madrugada (after the one at El Dorado Cabins explained here) is the one near the small village named Poesia, or the Poesia Criptograma Chest.

As you probably figured out by now, the Far Cry 6 Poesia Criptograma Chest is similar to the previous ones we have covered, meaning that once again, we’ll have to hunt two Criptograma Charts in order to get some cool gear for Dani.

As such, below, we’ll quickly go over the FC6 Poesia Criptograma Chest and the associated Cripograma Charts you’ll need to find.

Far Cry 6 Poesia Criptograma Chest Location

To make this guide easier to follow, let’s start with the chest’s location, which, as mentioned, is in the small village named Poesia.

Poesia (aka Poem in English) is found in Madrugada. Specifically on the western side of Madrugada and the northern side of Costa Del Mar, as you can see on my map.

This area is known as Aguda Cliffs.

Far Cry 6 Poesia Criptograma Chest Location

When you get to this village, which is quite poor because, well, things don’t go very well on Yara, head towards the dock.

Here you’ll want to find a white cabin or shack like the one in my screenshot below.

You can’t miss it because it’s white and in front of it is the Criptorgama Chest in Poesia.

Obviously, if you want to open it, you’ll be kindly informed that you need two Charts. 

Far Cry 6 Poesia Criptograma Chest Unlock

Where To Find The First Criptograma Chart For The Poesia Chest

Great, so now let’s go after the first Poesia Ciptograma Chest Chart, which is the Rooster.

The actual location of this Far Cry 6 Criptograma Chart is the small island west of Poesia.

On your map, it looks like a rock (see below) but is, in fact, an island.

If you are lucky, you’ll be able to spot a Jet Ski near the dock where you found the chest. If not, you can swim, but it takes some time to get there.

As you approach the said island, you’ll surely spot the Poesia Chart in my second image. If not, go around the island.

Get it, then return to your water vehicle because you are not done yet.

Where To Find The Second Chart For The Poesia Criptograma Chest

The second Poesia Chest Chart is found further to the south.

Using the same Jet Ski (assuming you have one), head south toward the larger island.

Make sure you stick to the left side (west on your map) and look towards the island to see a small beach and a path leading up the hill.

Follow the said path, then head right, and on the edge of the cliffs, you’ll see a blue plank.

If you increase the volume of your speakers, you’ll also hear the specific sound made by the hidden Criptograma Charts. This one is the Yara Libre.

Poesia Criptograma Chest Content

Awesome! So now that you got both Charts for the locked chest in Poesia head back to your transportation vehicle or swim to the dock where the chest awaits.

Open it, and you’ll find Rioter MK II Wrist Gear or gloves, which work pretty well with the boots you got from the El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest covered in this guide.

Far Cry 6 Poesia Criptograma Chest How To Open

Now, assuming you want to find the next Rioter set-piece, head to Verdera, the main town in Lozania, to unlock the Criptograma Chest covered in this guide.

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